Already December 21 in Europe: No Doomsday

It’s December 21, 2012 in Europe, and Doomsday is still not happening, says CBS News.

According to popular myth, the Mayan calendar ends at midnight on December 21, 2012, and in most of the world, everything is still fine.

Doomsday didn’t happen. You can go ahead and crawl out of your bomb shelters now; we’ll live to die another day.

Star Johnsen-Moser, an American mystic reported to a gathering of hundreds of spiritualists in the Yucatan city of Merida, not far from the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza:

“This is not the end of the world. This is the beginning of the new world.”

“It is most important that we hold a positive, beautiful reality for ourselves and our planet…. Fear is out of place.”

In Merida, the celebration of the cosmic dawn opened with a fumbling of the sacred fire meant to honor the end of the Mayan calendar, according to the Associated Press.

Gabriel Lemus, the white-haired guardian of the flame, burned his finger on the kindling and later scooped up a burning log that fell on the stage from the ceremonial brazier.

Lemus then declared:

“It is a cosmic dawn. We will recover the ability to communicate telepathically and levitate objects… like our ancestors did.”

Spiritual leader Alberto Arribalzaga added:

“The galactic bridge has been established. At this moment, spirals of light are entering the center of your head… generating powerful vortexes that cover the planet.”

Despite all the myth and banter, few in Merida actually believed the world would end Friday; the event was set to run through Sunday. Instead, participants were here to celebrate the beginning of a new age.

You might also want to make sure your Twinkies survived the end of days, if you managed to save any before the end of Hostess. All in all, everything’s still here that should be.

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