Hell just froze over in the Canadian wireless landscape

Well I have to admit I never saw this coming and I will bet that neither did Telus Communications' competitors but for once a wireless communication company in Canada has decided to stop screwing their customers - even if it is only a little. Typically we are used to hearing companies talking about how they are going to be raising their rates so hear of one that is actually going to lower their rates comes as a bit of a shock - a good thing I was wearing my nitro patch.

Yup it appears that Telus as of November 5 will be killing off the money grab known as system access fees that usually saw just about $7.00 added to your mobile bill every month. Considering that this is really just a bogus fee in the first place that amounted to nothing more than a bonus for the company it's nice to see them removing it.

However not all is golden however as Telus will increasing the price of their plans by $5.00

Beginning Nov. 5, Telus will offer wireless packages to all consumers and businesses without the monthly fees of $6.95 for “access” and $0.75 for 911 service. But the company will also boost the core price of all its plans by $5 a month.

As an example, Telus currently offers 100 minutes of talk time under a plan called “Your Choice 25.” The core price is $25, but the additional fees raise the price to $32.70 a month before taxes. Under the new model, the 100 minute plan will cost $30, with no extra fees, plus taxes. In addition, Telus will offer voice mail service without charge.

The changes amount to a decrease in average revenue per user of as much as 8 per cent.

Source:The Globe and Mail

So our actual savings will really be around the $3.00 mark buy hey .. 3 bucks is 3 bucks not to mention the fact that they killed off one of the most ridiculous fees around. Now just to get the rest of companies to follow suit.