Trump Sees Ivanka Trump As His ‘Prized Possession,’ Claims CNN Anchor

A discussion on Donald Trump’s relationship with his oldest daughter Ivanka Trump spawned some strong statements on Wednesday night between two CNN personalities. CNN’s Kristen Powers said that Donald Trump doesn’t realize his daughter “isn’t that impressive to people,” and he treats her as if she is his “prized possession.”

The discussion also entailed comments from Anderson Cooper, who said, “She’s been this kind of prop and instrument for him most of her life.” These comments spawned from the topic they were discussing, which was Ivanka going to meetings with her father. It seems that they feel Ivanka going to her father’s meetings isn’t considered a normal thing to do, despite the president’s daughter being part of the White House team.

Cooper weighed in by saying people wouldn’t be looking at the situation as being normal if Chelsea Clinton shadowed her mother Hillary Clinton in meetings. Powers, who was once a Fox News contributor, said that Trump holds Ivanka as a “prized possession” and he is very proud of that possession.

She went on to convey that she doesn’t think that Trump realizes how people are not as blown away when Ivanka shows up as Trump would like to think. He doesn’t understand that her presence isn’t that impressive to folks, and when she does show up, “nobody cares,” said Powers. Mocking an Ivanka-like reception in Trump’s mind, she said, “Oh my gosh, Ivanka’s here! This is so amazing!”

The Hill reports that GOP leaders were “visibly annoyed” on Wednesday when Ivanka showed up just to say “hello” during their spending bill meeting with Trump. Despite reports of Ivanka’s appearance being irritating to some, a surprise did come out of that meeting. It is something that is still being talked about every hour during Fox News today.

A surprise deal was reached between Trump and the Democratic leaders for a three-month plan to raise the U.S. borrowing limits so the government can keep running.

CNN reports that Trump has a “habit” of having Ivanka drop in on meetings, almost like an Art of the Deal secret move. When Ivanka walked into the meeting, the group “immediately careened off-topic,” reports CNN. Suggesting that Ivanka was sent in as a distraction to these meetings was contradicted by AshLee Strong, who is House Speaker Paul Ryan’s spokesperson. She said that wasn’t the case at all with this meeting.

By the time Ivanka made her way into the meeting, the decision to raise the borrowing plan for the next three months was already done. When Ivanka entered, her father had just sided with the Democrats in a move to assure disaster relief funding via the passage of the bill. Ivanka walked into the meeting to talk briefly about the child tax credit, which is her pet project and not a distraction ploy.

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