Tom Cruise Film ‘Jack Reacher’ Makes you Love And Hate It

The Tom Cruise film “Jack Reacher” makes you love it and hate it all at the same time, says Yahoo News.

“Jack Reacher” starts with a mass shooting, making audiences across the country no doubt scream “foul”. This close to the Newtown massacre, that’s just irresponsible and uncalled-for.

Then they go into it with clinical attention to detail, unraveling and solving this crime on a moment to moment basis.

When they request the suspect sign the murder confession, he simply scrawls, “Get Jack Reacher” in lieu of a signature.

Then we see the hero waking up with a lady in a Florida hotel room, catching the news of the incident on CNN.

It isn’t until he hops on a bus to Pennsylvania that we finally see that he’s Tom Cruise.

Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo are also fresh faces for such a flashy movie. However, their roles are almost downcast instantly, because in a Tom Cruise movie, only Cruise can be the star, unless he’s playing opposite Brad Pitt.

The crime gets unraveled layer by layer like an onion, once again going for the cerebral crime movie, no doubt inspired by “Sherlock Holmes”.

Then the police pursue Reacher as he’s going after the real criminal, and we are not surprised that Reacher catches up to the criminal first. And he’s probably running. Tom Cruise usually always runs in his action movies.

The music is all piano and strings like an old 70s cop show, according to Reuters.

There are gags thrown in, like the name of an auto parts store, and a slapstick fight played dead serious.

If you can get past the ill-timed opening sequence so close after the recent gun play in the real world (honestly, they couldn’t postpone it a few months like they did with “Spider Man” after 9/11?), you might find enough charm to like this film.

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