Christmas Message From Assange, WikiLeaks To Release 1 Million New Documents

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appeared on the balcony of Equador’s London embassy this evening, with a Christmas message that promises his fans over 1 million new documents in the coming year. Assange asserts that the documents, which they already have in their possession will effect “every country in the world.”

Assange began by thanking the embassy for keeping him safe and for allowing him to release a statement to his fans. The founder of WikiLeaks has been staying at the embassy for six months in an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning in an alleged incident involving sexual misconduct.

Sweden is not the only country that would like to question Assange, he also speaks of his fear of entering The United States:

“The US investigation is referred to in testimony under oath in the US courts, is admitted by the Department of Justice and in the Washington Post just four days ago, by the District Attorney of Virginia as a fact. It’s subpoenas are being litigated by our people in the US courts. The Pentagon reissued its threats against me in September and claimed the very existence of Wikileaks is an ongoing crime.”

In his message, Assange expresses that while he is at least safe and has the freedom to communicate periodically, there are still 250 journalists who are incarcerated and have little or no freedom. He applauds those journalists for there bravery, specifically mentioning a man who had just turned 25 and has been held in deplorable conditions awaiting trial. He specifically praises these journalists for not giving up:

“I salute these brave men and women. And I salute journalists and publications that have covered what has and continues to happen to these people, and to journalists who continue publishing the truth in the face of persecution, prosecution and threat – who take journalism and publishing seriously.”

Assange encourages everyone to stand up for their rights and to continue questioning the intentions of those in control. He maintains that his goal is and has always been to expose the truth. He closes his statement with this final message:

“If you don’t speak up, if you give up what is uniquely yours as a human being, you surrender your consciousness; your independence, even your sense of what is right and what is wrong. In other words, perhaps without knowing it, you become passive and controlled, unable to defend yourself and those you love.”

The video of Assange’s Christmas message concerning WikiLeaks can be viewed below.

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