‘Yukon Men’ Star Francis James Roberts Arrested On Assault/Weapons Charges For Threats To Kill

In shocking news, Yukon Men star Francis James Roberts has been arrested on some pretty surprising charges. News Miner shared the details about what went down. He is now facing assault and weapons misconduct charges after he allegedly threatened to kill a village postal worker and also pushed his aunt down after she confronted him about driving drunk. It sounds like Francis was on a rampage and anyone in his path should have watched out.

Francis James Roberts actually went to his Facebook page and made these threats. He also had numerous rifles in his home and vehicle that were loaded. A woman contacted the Alaska State Troopers and explained that a postal worker was unable to give Roberts his mail, and he got really upset over this news. It was also reported that he was in his yard and yelling about wanting to kill Americans plus making posts on Facebook. These were made under the name Frankie James. He was also yelling in his yard about how much he hated the postal worker.

One of his posts was talking about how he is an Indian and that this is his land and not America’s land. It was also reported that he had been driving while drinking. A man saw Robert walking away from his house, so he went back there and unloaded several of his guns. He didn’t get them all unarmed before Roberts showed back up and then he thought that he was intoxicated so he left the area for his own safety. The man felt like he should be worried about being there with him.

Francis James Robert’s aunt shared that they saw him driving drunk, but he refused to give them the keys and then he ended up pushing her. Roberts ended up getting arrested and is still in jail. He was picked up on charges felony third-degree assault, misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and misdemeanor fourth-degree weapons misconduct for possessing a weapon while intoxicated.

Are you shocked to hear that Francis James Roberts of Yukon Men was arrested? Do you feel like he will be on the show again? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t miss Yukon Men on Discovery.

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