‘NCIS’ Season 15: Mark Harmon Is Not Going Anywhere Despite Reports

Mark Harmon will remain a major part of NCIS Season 15 despite reports of his “reduced role” or probable exit from the show. The rumors that he is leaving NCIS have been going on for so long, fueled by his alleged declining health. But the fan favorite character is not going anywhere, and fans could expect more from him this upcoming season.

There are signs that Mark Harmon, who plays Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, will still be a central cast in the show, per Gears of Biz. Harmon remains a series regular, and the casting of Maria Bello as Agent Gibbs’ new love interest shows the NCIS’ commitment to the character. It would not make sense to bring in a partner for Gibbs if Harmon is already planning to leave the series.

As for his health, Mark’s recent action-packed scenes on “Rendezvous” finale episode, as well as the intense premiere episode on NCIS are signs that the actor is quite fit. He was also a former UCLA quarterback, so fitness routine has been part of his life. In a previous interview with Men’s Fitness, he shared that he’s into Pilates to stay in shape these days. He also said he’s trying to take care of himself and get his rest.

The 65-year-old actor has been rumored to have a failing health because he looks to be losing weight. Because he seems thinner than before, there were suggestions that he should take a break from the police procedural TV series and focus on his health.

Meanwhile, NCIS is returning for its Season 15 this September. The show will pick up two months after the fallout of the Paraguay mission wherein Agent Gibbs and Agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray) were left stranded. Sneak peek photos of the season’s premiere revealed that the two veteran agents have become prisoners of the Paraguay rebels. Their colleagues would prioritize finding them, and Agent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) will step up as the leader of the team while McGee and Gibbs are still missing, as reported by Hidden Remote.

NCIS Season 15 premieres on September 26, Tuesday, at 8/7c on CBS.

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