‘NCIS’ Season 15: Mark Harmon’s Age Might Limit His Appearance In Next Installment

NCIS is definitely an action-packed television series, which is why the actors on the show should be at their absolute best to give justice to demanding scenes. With Mark Harmon being in his mid-60s at the moment, his age might possibly limit his participation in NCIS Season 15.

While it is quite normal for Mark Harmon’s (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) appearance to change since he is obviously getting older, people are so used to the NCIS Season 15 actor being fit since the start of his career that seeing him looking thinner than usual started concerns.

Fans have started to notice that the 65-year-old actor is looking extra thin in NCIS Season 14, which led them to worry about his health. Although he is one of the reasons why viewers got hooked with the action police procedural television series, many were suggesting that Mark Harmon should take a break and get his healthy self back.

Despite his alleged frail condition, Mark Harmon is proving to everyone that he still got enough gas in the tank to stay on the popular CBS show. He will officially reprise his iconic role in NCIS Season 15, but fans will just have to wait and see if the beloved actor will be actively filming like in the previous installments.

Meanwhile, Mark Harmon already gave fans a sigh of relief after revealing that he still keeps himself active and in shape, slamming whispers and speculations that he might be too weak to continue. Although the NCIS Season 15 actor can no longer do what he used to do when he was younger, he reassured fans that he’s taking good care of himself.

Most people may not know, but Mark Harmon actually started his career as an athlete, so being fit is not just a trend to him but is a part of his life as well.

For now, it is safe to say that Mark Harmon is very much a part of NCIS Season 15. Whether the actor is having some health issues or not, it seems that he will not allow it to hinder himself from doing what he loves to do, which is acting.

NCIS Season 15 will return on September 26, Tuesday, at 8/7c.

[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]