Evan Brewer Encased In Concrete, Missing Kansas Boy’s Remains Likely Found

Evan Brewer went missing in July. The 3-year-old had just been granted a protection from abuse order, filed by his father on his behalf when he disappeared from Miranda Miller’s residence. She reportedly lived with her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine, when Brewer went missing. There were paper trails documenting abuse of the little boy while in her care, which is the reason Carlo Brewer, Evan’s father, was granted the protection from abuse order. July 6 is the official date Evan Brewer was listed as a missing person.

On Wednesday, Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine were both taken into custody for aggravated interference with parental custody. This came after police learned the two were avoiding being served with the protection from abuse order issued back in July. According to People, Evan Brewer was not with his mom or her boyfriend when they were arrested. This raised red flags all around, especially with the child’s age. Bodine is charged with criminal damage to property and aggravated assault, though it is not known whether it is connected to the Brewer case.

A gruesome discovery was made over the weekend where Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine lived. The landlord had come to clean out the place to get it ready for a new tenant. While checking the property, the owner discovered a cement block that had a smell coming from it. As it turns out, there was a small body encased in the concrete. While it is assumed to be the body of 3-year-old Evan Brewer, it has not been positively identified by DNA evidence.

This case has unnerved the people of Wichita, Kansas. Evan Brewer’s grandfather, Carl Brewer, is a well-known politician in the area. He was a candidate for governor and the former mayor of Wichita. He released a statement yesterday about the possibility of the body being Evan Brewer, stating the family was devastated and asked for privacy during this time. He did note, however, that the suspects were in custody, likely referring to Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine.

Reports indicate that suspicion of abuse against Evan Brewer had been going on since July of 2016. There was a case opened with DCFS in April, which coincided with the protection of abuse order. Carlo Brewer reportedly stated he had been denied visitation with the little boy since February. It is unclear how long the little boy has been dead or what the cause of death was.

Officially, the police are not announcing whether the remains belong to Evan Brewer until the DNA analysis comes back. The Brewer family, however, is mourning Evan.

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