Joe Rogan Discusses Conor McGregor’s Cardio Issues With Cody Garbrandt And Urijah Faber

Joe Rogan talked about Conor McGregor’s issues with fatigue in the latest JRE podcast with UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt and Hall of Famer Urijah Faber.

Rogan asked Faber whether the fact that Conor McGregor doesn’t add running into his workout regimen may play a role in his cardio issues. Urijah stated that while he encourages Cody Garbrandt to run and does it himself, he doesn’t feel it is necessary.

The former UFC fighter said that there are other means to exhaust the body to improve endurance, such as wrestling for an extended period of time or jiu-jitsu sessions on the mat. Faber cites former Strikeforce and Pride champion Dan Henderson as a fighter who doesn’t add running to his cardiovascular workout.

Joe Rogan then suggests that a fighter’s cardio training should depend on the individual’s style of fighting. Cody Garbrandt agrees and adds that he prefers sprints over long-distant running due to his explosive style.

The Bantamweight champion states that composure is a key element to endurance and quotes Conor McGregor’s comments after his loss to Mayweather where he says that the 50-0 boxer had better composure.

Joe Rogan feels that Conor McGregor would have had a better chance at reaching the 12th round if he had more time to prepare for the boxing match.

However, the comedian and UFC commentator added that Mayweather superior boxing skills would have sealed the victory regardless of the additional training.

Many boxers and UFC fighters have had their take on McGregor’s fatigue during his fights. Nate Diaz capitalized off his fatigue in a similar fashion to Mayweather by volume punching when the Irish superstar’s breathing became labored.

Middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who is known for his endurance, believes Conor needs to add running to his regimen. Other analysts have stated that his cardio issues may have more to do with Conor throwing too many power punches rather than mixing them up with light jabs.

The referee for the Floyd Mayweather fight suggested that Conor’s stumbling in the ring had more to do with brain injury rather than fatigue. The stats show that Floyd landed 58 percent of power punches to a total of 152, while McGregor landed 84 percent.

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