Haley And Emily Ferguson Apologize For Their Embarrassing Behavior On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise was all set to give Haley and Emily Ferguson a double date, but the blonde beauties couldn’t get two willing guys to go with them. Now, the former franchise favorites are apologizing for their bad girl behavior on the ABC reality show.

The Ferguson twins, who first appeared on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor and went on to star in their own Freeform spinoff, turned up in Paradise with a couple of guys in mind—most notably Derek Peth and Dean Unglert—but their timing was off. So were their attitudes. TV Guide noted Haley and Emily’s entitled attitudes and rude commentary as they picked apart the remaining Bachelor in Paradise contestants, describing them as “a bunch of weirdos” and pegging the other girls as “shallow, ugly whores.”

Emily, especially, wouldn’t back off when it came to Dean, who had just broken Kristina Schulman’s heart the night before and was still dealing with the emotional baggage of the breakup. At one point, Emily Ferguson told Dean he didn’t have a choice regarding a date with her, saying she would not take “no” for an answer, but he stood his ground in an attempt to save face with D-Lo, the girl he dumped Kristina for.

In the end, Haley and Emily settled for Jack Stone and Tickle Monster, but even that didn’t work out. A tantrum ensued, which included some bizarre scallop throwing, and the Ferguson twins disappeared as fast as they came, paving the way for this brilliant line from Jack Stone:

“They’re gonna go home, they’re gonna watch Frozen, they’re gonna play with their fidget spinners, they’re gonna be alright.”


Bachelor in Paradise fans were stunned by the mean girl behavior displayed by the Ferguson twins. Many fans of the ABC reality franchise hit social media to call Haley and Emily out, but they were actually beat by the “evil” twins themselves, who warned fans ahead of time that their appearance was “cringe-worthy” to watch.

Haley Ferguson apologized for saying that talking to D-Lo was like talking to a wall, while Emily Ferguson took to Twitter to apologize to America in advance, admitting the twins deserved “any and all hate” that comes their way after their disastrous Bachelor in Paradise cameo.



Both twins also revealed that they were mourning the death of their reputations after their bad Bachelor in Paradise behavior.


Do you think Haley and Emily Ferguson embarrassed themselves on Bachelor in Paradise?


[Featured Image by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar Media Group]