Is Bill de Blasio Tooting His Own Horn? NYC Mayor Hints He’s Had A Parade-Worthy Term

Mayor Bill de Blasio claims that he’s doing such a good job at running New York City today that one would “assume they’d be having parades in the street.” According to Fox News headlines today, “de Blasio hints there should be a parade in his honor.”

It seems he suggested that a parade or two might be in order to celebrate all the good things happening under his watch. He actually told a reporter from New York Magazine that with the city in such good shape you would expect parades to be held in the streets of the Big Apple. He also conveyed that “if it wasn’t for this time in history,” he’d be more popular, writes Fox.

According to Fox News, de Blasio “boasted” during his interview with the magazine about his the effect his watch has had on the city. Fox News then reports that de Blasio “arrogantly added,” But that’s not the time in history we’re living in,” seemingly in an attempt to suggest why he’s not being honored today.

The mayor didn’t hint to a parade without first listing for the interviewer all the things he’s accomplished since first stepping into office. He said, “When I think about how crime’s gone down for four years, graduation rates up, test scores are up, more jobs than ever in our history — I think, ‘Wow, just that quick profile, any candidate anywhere would want it.'”

Hearing how de Blasio presented himself in the interview as a mayor of the Big Apple, many people thought he was patting himself on the back, especially when he finds his actions parade-worthy. It sounds as if he offered up some compliments for himself by conveying that he has an excellent resume that would please any political candidate.

Many of the headlines today convey how de Blasio’s words were taken by the masses, such as the New York Post suggesting in their headline, “Bitter de Blasio thinks there should be a parade in his honor.”

His fellow New Yorkers are split down the middle on whether de Blasio deserves another term in office or not, but he has an explanation for that. A Quinnipiac University poll that was released a few weeks back showed New Yorkers at 46 percent to 46 percent split over the mayor deserving that second term. It seems de Blasio not being held in such high regard today has him blaming this on “the current economic climate of their leaders.

The mayor specifically noted the “Great Recession” as a problem. This along with “decades of people being economically stagnant deeply affecting people’s views,” offers the mayor. He said it was understandable that people felt that way and then cited the “increased cost of living around here,” as something driving New Yorkers’ concerns.

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