Female Runners Rape Escape Plan: Women Should Jog In Groups Of 2 To Avoid Rape, Say Police — Backlash Follows

If women love to run and want to avoid being raped, females should run with at least one more woman, advise police in Germany. After that advice was given for women to run in pairs to try and avoid being raped, the German police department has gotten plenty of backlash. According to Fox News, a female jogger in her 50s was raped on Friday, at the popular Rosental Park in Leipzig. The woman was running when a man pushed her to the ground and dragged her off, sexual assaulting the woman. The alleged rapist also beat and kicked the woman in the face, requiring her to receive emergency surgery upon being discovered, as reported by the Local.

The attacker has not yet been found, but authorities are pegging him at being anywhere from 25- to a 35-year-old with a short messy beard and dark hair. The rape could potentially be related to two other rapes in the same area that have occurred recently. But what is standing out in the wake of the latest rape is that a local spokesperson for police in Germany advised women to run in pairs and try to make sure other people are around them. They also advised that women runners check behind them to ensure no one is about to attack them.

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The advice for women to run in pairs didn’t go over well, no matter how well intended it might have been. As reported by RT, women bristled at the idea of needing to find a female friend to run with in order to avoid being raped, while men can feel the freedom to go for a jog whenever they’d like to go without worries of finding a running partner to avoid rape. In the wake of the suggestion about females running in pairs, some women lashed out and asked if police would next begin to advise them how to dress to avoid being raped whilst running.

Instead, women urged police to have more officers patrolling certain areas to try and prevent rapes, instead of putting the onus on female joggers to avoid being raped. The suggestion to not go for a run alone as a female was criticized and called ridiculous and off-putting.

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