‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Tells ‘AHS’ Fans To Watch This Twisty Clip Before The Show

Do you remember the first time American Horror Story fans saw Twisty the Clown? To refresh your memory, it was a sunny summer day on the season premiere of Freak Show. He ruined the romantic picnic by murdering the man and kidnapped the woman (see the video, below).

Well if you haven’t seen the scene, American Horror Story writer/showrunner Ryan Murphy encouraged his fans to watch it. If you don’t, you may not fully understand who Twisty the Clown is and why someone would be so terrified of him.

According to EW, Murphy stated that Twisty would return in American Horror Story: Cult. Apparently, Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally, is a woman who is suffering from a variety of phobias, including a clown phobia. So, that’s how Twisty comes into the picture.

Cult will deal with the 2016 election in some way. Ally (Sarah Paulson) has developed several phobias and has entered in therapy to deal with Donald Trump’s presidential win. She campaigned against Trump and was devastated after his win. That’s the gist of what Murphy has revealed about AHS Season 7. Ryan indicated that there would be clowns in the series. So, if that’s your phobia, you may want to sit this season out.

In the first three episodes, Murphy will tackle five phobias: claustrophobia, hemophobia (fear of blood), trypophobia (fear of holes), xenophobia, and a fear of coffins.


“Phobias can die down and ignite when something else is happening in your life,” Ryan explained of Paulson’s character.

If you want to see a supernatural jump scare, it won’t happen this season. American Horror Story spoilers state that Cult will be much more realistic in that sense.

Evan Peters will play Kai, a mentally disturbed Trump-loving 20-something. He will take on several different cult leaders throughout the AHS season, including Charles Manson.


Murphy said that much of the season will focus on different cult leaders. However, one of Ally’s biggest phobias is Twisty, so that will be a focal point, at least early in the series.

American Horror Story fans, are you excited about Season 7’s season premiere? How do you feel about the political aspect of the show?

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