Watch The Mayan Apocalypse Unfold Live On The Internet

The Mayan apocalypse has begun — or at least what’s supposed to they Mayan apocalypse — and though there are no signs yet of rogue meteors or alien invasions, people at home can keep track of the doomsday via live internet feeds.

For close to half the globe, the calendar has struck December 21, the date some believe that the ancient Mayans predicted that the world will come to an end. The ancient civilization kept detailed calendars, and because December 21 is the las day many took that to mean a prediction that all time will cease.

Those who want to keep a close watch on whether the Mayan apocalypse can check out Slooh, which has live-streaming feeds from telescopes in the Cayman Islands in Arizona.

“Rather than merely offer scientists’ dismissals of the many silly doomsday scenarios that have now been heard by almost everyone in the world … Slooh will take a ‘let’s see for ourselves attitude,’ ” said Bob Berman, an Astronomy magazine columnist who will offer commentary on some of the feeds.

The live streaming feeds of the Mayan apocalypse have already started, the Los Angeles Times noted, and will run through Friday.

Of course, scientists have already debunked the idea of a Mayan apocalypse. Scholars of the ancient civilization say they did not intend to predict doomsday, and NASA scientists put out a release noting that the world will not come to an end.

Anyone interested in catching the live streaming video of the Mayan apocalypse can check out Slooh throughout the end of the week, as other live streams and feeds will be announced as the time goes on.

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