Honda Civic Type R 2017 Models For Sale In Australia, Price & Availability Details

Honda Civic Type R 2017 for sale Australia

The new Honda Civic Type R 2017 model is now for sale in Australia with price and availability details recently released. There is an expectation that over 400 of the cars will officially arrive in Honda Australia before year’s end. October is the official release month for the car with vehicles already arriving in the area for shipment to dealerships and their customers. The car is considered the highest performance model of Honda Civics available today. One special model of the new Civic Type R was the first to arrive at the dock in Australia along with a batch of others.

As Practical Motoring reported on Monday, a “Rally Red” media evaluation model of the Honda Civic Type R has already arrived with other models of the car at Port of Melbourne’s Webb Dock. The evaluation model was said to be “followed by around 60 customer cars.” These other Civic Type R models will head to different dealerships in areas of the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Victoria as new owners will soon be taking to the roads with them. In addition to the Rally Red model other colors of the car that are offered include Championship White, Brilliant Sporty Blue, Sonic Grey, and Crystal Black.

2017 Honda Civic Type R on display

Honda Australia director Stephen Collins commented on the excitement around the newest car’s release.

“Since the Civic Type R prototype was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last year, the anticipation surrounding Honda’s next-generation high-performance hot hatch has continued to build, so it’s incredibly exciting to have the first cars here now and it won’t be long until we’ll start to see them out on the road.”

Collins also called the car, “The ultimate in Civic performance and a direct manifestation of Honda’s racing spirit.” The newest Honda Civic Type R model features 20-inch alloy wheels, safety and driver-assist technologies, adaptive dampers, Brembo brake package, and three driving modes as part of the car. Prices are said to begin at $50,990+ORC which converts to just under $40,000 USD. Top Honda Cars reported that October 1 is the beginning date for the Type R’s release.

The newest model of the Civic Type R car features a 2.0-liter Turbo VTEC engine and six-speed-only manual transmission. The car can hit over 60 miles per hour in about 5.7 seconds and features functional aerodynamics along with calibrated chassis electronics. As mentioned in’s video report seen above, the car has plenty of worthy competitors within the price range so it could really have “its work cut out for it.”

Still, the new car is said to be cheaper than the Ford Focus RS and Renault Sport Megan Trophy R 275 and features plenty of “goodies” inside, including a sporty look and feel to the sets as well as driver-aid screens and “generous infotainment” on the dashboard. calls the car a “pretty good value” as “it’s fast, exploitable, and really good fun.”

Back in June, Practical Motoring website’s Paul Horrell offered a review of the car ahead of its official release. The car was awarded four out of five stars with Practical Motoring commenting that the “Honda Civic Type R is as rude as ever and as much fun as you were all hoping it would be.” They also called it “quick both in a straight line and around corners” and mentioned it features five-door practicality with decent safety features and “the promise of Honda reliability.”

Honda Civic Type R concept car on display

The United States first saw the first-ever Civic Type R go on sale on June 14, 2017, with a starting price of $33,900. The car was touted to have 306 horsepower and was said to be the “World’s fastest production front-wheel-drive car at the Nurburgring.” Soon the joy of taking this newest Honda model onto the open road will be experienced by Australian drivers as well.

More details about the brand new Honda Civic Type R 2017 models are available at the Honda Australia website.

[Featured Image by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images]