Michigan Dad Faces Jail Time After Spraying School Hallway With Liquid A**

Marine City, MI – Michigan dad Jason Festerman allegedly doused a school hallway with “Liquid A**” in retaliation for his son’s recent suspension. The gag gift style product claims that the liquid which squirts out smells like “foul butt crack with hints of dead animal and fresh poo,” MSN notes.

Festerman’s son was reportedly suspended after he snuck his dad’s container of Liquid A**to school. Upon hearing that his son got into trouble for taking the prank product to school, the dad supposedly did not punish the boy but went to the building and squirted the stinky liquid himself.

Local law enforcement officers were called to the school to arrest Jason Festerman. The Michigan dad was charged with disorderly conduct and could spend 90 days in jail for his alleged actions. The Festerman family reportedly does not understand what the fuss over the Liquid A** spraying is all about. During an interview, Jason had this to say about the matter:

“We’ve gone to Kmart. We’ve done it at, like, Dollar General. Everyone laughed. It smells like somebody hasn’t took a bath for three months and their butt is really, really sweaty and they haven’t wiped their tush in a long time.”

Exactly how Jason Festerman knows what a body smells like after going unwashed and unwiped for three months is unknown. Although the low-brow humor may have delighted discount store shoppers in Festerman’s neighborhood, school officials failed to crack a smile over the incident.

School staffers consider the Liquid A** incident an attack on the student body, My Fox Detroit reports. The Michigan dad maintains that he did not mean any malice. In one breath, he claims he just pumped the Liquid A** to see if anything was in it but in the next he referred to spraying as a harmless prank.

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