Indiana Father Tosumba Welch Arrested After Infant Admitted To Hospital With Skull ‘Like A Cracked Eggshell’

Nine-month-old Caela Welch is recovering in an Indiana hospital this weekend just days after her father, 19-year-old Tosumba Welch, was criminally charged with viciously punching her in the head for months, reports WISH 8. According to Indiana State Police investigators, the teen father admitted to punching and squeezing the infant in an attempt to get her to stop crying. Investigators say that Toshumba Welsh confessed that the horrific abuse had been going on since his daughter was four or five months old.

Police became aware of the alleged child abuse on Sunday, August 27. That’s when Caela was taken to Greene County General Hospital suffering from seizures. The baby reportedly became unresponsive and had to be airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health due to the severity of her injuries. During her medical examinations, doctors found that the nine-month-old was suffering from “non-accidental injuries” and reported the suspected abuse to authorities.

“Medical staff contacted the Department of Child Services for a review.”

According to police, Tosumba Welch told them that he frequently hit his daughter in the back and side of her head to quiet her cries. Doctors described the infant’s skull as looking like a “cracked eggshell,” with tests confirming the presence of several skull fractures.

Little Caela Welch was also found to be suffering from multiple areas of bleeding on the brain, injuries doctors believe were caused by blunt force trauma to her head.

“The worst of the bleeds was to the back of her skull, where there was one on each side of her head along with swelling in the same areas.”

Investigators say that Tosumba Welch admitted to most frequently striking his daughter in the “back of the skull.” In addition to severe head injuries, the Indiana father is also accused of causing injuries to his daughter’s collarbone which appear to be non-accidental, as well as an ankle fracture and healing broken ribs. Doctors called the ankle injury a classic sign of “jerk & yank” abuse.

“Testing had ruled out any medical cause for Caela’s injuries.”

On Thursday, following an investigation into Caela’s abuse that led back to her father Tosumba Welch, police arrested the 19-year-old Indiana man on two felony charges; domestic battery and neglect of a dependent. In their lengthy press release, Indiana State Police did not mention baby’s mother or any other relatives. The press release did allege, however, that Tosumba Welch had confessed to punching and forcefully squeezing his daughter for months.

Caela Welch is still recovering at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health; doctors have not spoken publicly regarding her future prognosis. Tosumba Welch remains behind bars at Indiana’s Greene County Jail.

[Featured Image by Indiana State Police]

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