‘BB19’ Fans Know That Evel Dick Is A Big Follower Of The Show Each Season, This Year Even He Has Lost Interest

Big Brother superfans know who Evel Dick is. He is Dick Donato, winner of Big Brother 8. He is rough around the edges and says what he thinks, proving every time he speaks, that he has no filter. He is an avid tweeter and has over 150,000 followers to talk about things with and a large percentage of those tweets are about BB19.

The year Evel Dick took home the $500,000 prize, his daughter took second place. Many fans were surprised he was able to escape eviction. He was the first one-man band in the Big Brother house, banging pots and pans and yelling to be evicted when he was on the block against his daughter. He returned to the Big Brother house for Season 13, but was later pulled from the game when he was determined to be HIV positive.

Dick Donato is an all-time fan-favorite. Each season he watches the Big Brother game and keeps fans updated on his take of the situation. For BB19, he has thrown parties to expose Raven’s many illnesses and straight out said she was a liar on several occasions. The tweets from his followers show that they are just as tired of hearing Raven and her stories as he is.

Donato hasn’t been shy about his opinion of Paul either. He has tweeted that the $25,000 on premiere night was the biggest bribe they have ever offered on the show. It was meant for someone to take it so that Paul Abrahamian would be sent into the BB19 house for another season. If they wanted it to be a normal temptation, the amount would have been in the normal range of about $5,000.



At this point, Evel Dick seems to be just over it. There has been so much drama and craziness this year. The whole thing with Christmas being allowed to stay with a broken foot and unable to compete. The insanity that is Raven. The puppet master Paul running the show while the other houseguests are apparently blind to it. Now Christmas was cleared to participate in a track and field themed Head of Household comp so the other houseguests could throw it to her. All of this has led to some comments from the fan-favorite BB alum that show he is ready to talk about anything except the BB19 house and all of the craziness.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]