President Trump Hints All Options On Table In North Korea Missile Response

President Donald Trump hinted on Sunday that all options are on the table in the way the U.S. may elect to deal with North Korea in the wake of its latest and most powerful weapons test.

CNBC reported that the president characterized the actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “hostile and dangerous,” adding “we’ll see” when asked if military actions might be among what course of action his administration might now take.

Jong Un boastfully declared on Sunday that his country had successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb that could be carried by an intercontinental ballistic missile.

“North Korea’s supreme dear leader signed the order to test hydrogen bomb to be fitted to the ICBM and accordingly North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb and succeeded totally,” a female newscaster said on the KCNA televised announcement.

Trump instantly responded, labeling North Korea a “rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment.”

Trump has previously sought to gain leverage against Kim Yong and his government through sanctions, but strongly hinted all such options may now have been exhausted.

Later in another tweet, he added “stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea,” including China, which boats the world’s second largest economy, might be another option.

The White House later revealed the president planned to meet on Sunday with key members of his national security team to further plot strategy and a course of action.

Right around that same time, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told Fox News he would soon be drafting a new package of sanctions Trump could soon move to impose against North Korea.

During that same interview Mnuchin further made news by sharing he thinks the first wave of relief for Hurricane Harvey victims should be tied to the nation’s debt limit.

President Trump addresses the media on National Prayer Day. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

“The president and I believe that it should be tied to the Harvey funding,” he told Fox News.

Donald Trump has major decisions to make during the month of September. [Images by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]

Trump has indicated he hopes the process to approve an initial allotment of nearly $8 billion for storm-ravaged victims will be a “quick process.”

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