WWE Rumors: Baron Corbin’s Push Ending May Have Nothing To Do With John Cena

WWE Rumors reveal that when Baron Corbin won the Money in the Bank briefcase in June this year, it was popularly believed that sooner or later he would become the WWE champion. The Lone Wolf had a meteoric rise to the top and then suddenly his whole world seemed to crumble as he first lost the MITB briefcase and then had a poor performance against John Cena at Summerslam. WWE rumors and theories abounded this week as to where everything went wrong for Baron Corbin and who was to be blamed for his public fall from grace.

John Cena is always being accused of trying to bury fresh upcoming talent, and certainly fingers were pointed at him for stopping the push for Corbin. After all, he did chew out the Lone Wolf behind the scenes recently. However, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms that Cena had nothing to do with derailing Corbin’s career. Dave Meltzer also indicated that Corbin’s Twitter reactions also had nothing to do with his fall. WWE Rumors suggests that the blame may be put squarely on the shoulders of Baron Corbin himself.

“It was an entirely different situation outside the ring that happened a few weeks ago.”

A few weeks ago Baron Corbin, Joseph Maroon, head of WWE’s wellness program, and several highly placed company executives had a meeting. WWE rumors via Sportskeeda state that Corbin derailed the meeting. He argued with Maroon regarding CTE, and cited the experience he had in the NFL prior to WWE. The meeting was constantly disrupted and it left a bad taste in the mouths of the execs. Some observers thought that Corbin should have spoken to Maroon afterwards to clear the air.

This may not be the ending for Baron Corbin, but from here on out he will need to prove himself and not rely on the push from those in power. Baron seems to have regained his composure and is heading for a program with U.S. Champion AJ Styles, well known for his work ethic and commitment to the WWE brand.

Now that Summerslam is over, Corbin will need to do the work and prove his worth against Styles and prove that he is still a worthy opponent. He needs to ensure that he puts on his A-game against one of the best in the business, now that he is out of the WWE doghouse, and prove that his reputation is still worth something. If he fails to put on at least a passable match against AJ Styles, questions will certainly be asked over his long-term future at WWE.

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