Mysterious Object Under Water At Rhode Island Beach Spawns Bizarre Theories As It’s Excavated

What is it? This is a question that sparked the curiosity of some Rhode Island locals this week, prompting them to hire a contractor to dig up an object embedded in the ocean floor just off the beach. The large object was buried in the sand under about six feet of water, and its shimmering shape was seen from the water’s surface. The mesmerizing images taken of this object from the water’s surface was nothing that was recognizable to anyone, but digging it up and bringing it to shore still didn’t solve the mystery.

The question is still very much in play today — What is it? The object was first noticed by people at the Westerly, Rhode Island, beach several weeks ago, according to the Huffington Post. The object is described as having the shape of a giant starfish with eight legs.

This bizarre object was seen shining through the ocean water, and it has been building up the curiosity of locals since it was first discovered. Finally, the curiosity among the locals peaked, and they hired an excavator to dig it up.

Although the object is embedded in sand, digging it up wasn’t as easy as one might think. The excavator couldn’t bring the mysterious object up in one piece. According to Channel 12 Local News, the excavator was able to bring up enough of the object to spawn even more theories because they still don’t know what it is.

According to Channel 12, “An excavator dug up the object – which has metal poles leading from a circular base to a single point at the top.” The pieces of the excavated object were then loaded into a truck and carted off to “an undisclosed location.”

Is this metal device a piece of military history, or is it an object of alien origin? These are just two of the questions after theories were spawned from eyeing the bizarre object now that it is out of the water.

The East Beach Association was first made aware of the object when images of the mystery metal piece were captured and shared with the members of the association. East Beach Association President Peter Brockmann, who was speaking with reporters from the site of the beach excavation, reported that “nothing was solved here today.” Even though it is above water, they still don’t know what this object is.

Brockman also said, “Hopefully, the experts in this field will take a look at it, now that we have it out, and be able to identify it.” One leading theory contends the object is some type of equipment used by oceanographers, but no one has come forth and claimed this equipment as of yet if that is the case.

Pictures of the object, like the one above on the video, are posted on the news channel’s social media sites. They are hoping someone will be able to identify what this object is. As of Sunday morning, the Facebook page for WPRI Channel 12 has collected almost 200 comments by people who are taking their best guess at what this is.

There are quite a few who are suggesting it is an old satellite dish. Others have suggested it is a piece of “space junk” that fell to Earth, the “top of a gazebo,” “part of a sunken ship,” and a piece of “garbage” tossed off a ship. One woman said her husband said it is part of a “basket for hoisting material up for bridge making.” More Facebook comments offered up the suggestions of an “old Navy antenna,” “something planted by aliens,” “old playground equipment,” “weird object,” and a “crab trap.”

There are plenty more suggestions where these came from today. According to the beach association, they are having some experts take a gander at this object and hopefully the mystery will eventually be solved.

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