'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Results, Who Won Power Of Veto Revealed On 'BB19' Live Feeds

Big Brother 19 spoilers for Saturday, September 2, now include the Week 10 Veto results. The Power of Veto winner would definitely shake up the BB19 house for the rest of the week, but there was also some drama right before the CBS live feeds went down for the competition. Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez were seen having a conversation about Paul Abrahamian, where they started to doubt his loyalty and feared that he wasn't really planning to take them to the final three with him.

Josh was relaying a story to Christmas that Paul had tried to convince him to join a final four alliance with Alex Ow and Jason Dent. Josh stated that negative things were said about Christmas in that chat and that it showed that Paul wasn't planning to stick with his word to her. This was news that Christmas didn't want to hear, and she planned to discuss it at-length with Paul once the Veto Competition had concluded. This means that even more Big Brother 19 spoilers could come out later in the evening.

To recap what has been taking place in the BB19 house, Christmas Abbott won the Head of Household Competition and nominated Jason Dent and Alex Ow for eviction. The most interesting aspect of these prior Big Brother 19 spoilers is that Alex helped throw the HOH Competition to Christmas, as Paul convinced everyone in the house that they would be safe this week. It's a decision that Jason and Alex could quickly come to regret if they don't figure out how to shift the house in their favor.

As for the Week 10 Veto results, it was Paul Abrahamian who won the Power of Veto, dictating that there will be no shenanigans at the Veto Ceremony. Any thoughts that fans had expressed on social media about Christmas taking an opportunity to backdoor Paul will have to be tabled this week, as he now has a guaranteed spot in the final six this season. Now Paul can prove his allegiance to Christmas by keeping the nominations the same, but some important conversations are upcoming.The Veto Ceremony takes place on Monday, September 4, but that is likely the end of the Big Brother 19 spoilers for this weekend. The plan is for the BB19 house to vote out Jason Dent and make him the fifth member of the jury. Unless something huge shifts inside the game, then it should end up being a very one-sided vote, with Kevin Schlehuber being the only person who might vote against Alex Ow.

The next Big Brother 19 episode is on Sunday night, September 3, when CBS viewers find out who won the HOH Competition and who became the Week 10 nominees for eviction.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]