Tori Roloff Proves That She Is A Class Act, Diverts Attention Away From Herself As She Focuses On Audrey

Tori Roloff has always been humble and understated, but her recent actions on social media proved beyond a doubt that the reality TV star is a class act to the very core. In what could only be described as Tori making way for the arrival of Baby Girl Roloff, the Little People, Big World star ended up deleting a social media post about her own child in favor of an update that focuses on the arrival of her niece-to-be, who is due at any time.

On Saturday afternoon, Tori uploaded a photo of herself and Baby Jackson on her personal Instagram page. The image, which shows her and her child posing for the camera, included a caption describing Baby J’s first night away from his parents. Calling her son a “champ,” Tori affirmed her love to her ridiculously cute baby boy while marveling at his emerging independence.

“I am so obsessed with this little man. He slept in his own room last night! He’s such a champ. He doesn’t need to sleep next to mom and dad… But mom and dad sure missed hearing his little noises next to us. Love you Jackson! Today. Tomorrow. Always.”

Just a couple of hours after the image was posted, however, Tori opted to take the photo down. Fortunately, Tori’s fans were able to a take a screenshot of the adorable picture featuring the mother and child before it was deleted by the reality TV star.

Snuggles with mama after Jackson slept in his own room last night ????

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While Tori’s decision to take down her and Baby J’s photo seemed a bit strange, it quickly became apparent why she decided to divert the spotlight away from her and Jackson. Not long after the first image was taken down, Tori posted a new set of photos, this time focusing not on her, but on Audrey Roloff and the upcoming arrival of her niece.

Tori’s latest Instagram update still featured her and Baby Jackson. Instead of making her post all about her, however, Tori decided to promote her sister-in-law’s Always More clothing line. The humble and likable reality TV star even went a step further, announcing a giveaway to her followers on social media.

“In honor of my sister in laws new baby clothing line (and the fact that we get to meet baby girl any day now) J and I are doing a give away!! Follow @shopalwaysmore and tag two of your mama friends for a chance to win your choice of 5 onesies from @audreyroloff new line! We are so stoked for Auntie Auj and love her new stuff!”

Jackson seemed to have enjoyed his time modeling for his aunt’s new baby onesie clothing line. As could be seen in Tori’s latest Instagram post, Baby J completely owned his Always More Milk and Barefoot & Blinkies onesies. In true Baby J fashion, the adorable child posed for the camera incredibly well, almost as if he was enjoying himself.

What do you think about Tori’s latest actions on social media? Was Tori being a class act by directing attention to her sister-in-law, or was her first social media post the result of a simple error? Sound off in the comments below.

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[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]