Luke Bryan Gets An Offer To Join ‘American Idol’ As A Judge

Fans already heard the news that American Idol has been renewed after it was originally canceled. Katy Perry was already picked up as a judge and there have been a lot of rumors about how could end up getting the seats next to her. TMZ shared that country singer Luke Bryan has been offered the job. Now everyone just has to wait and see if he will take it.

An American Idol source is speaking out and saying that they offered Luke the job. The source says that the producers did reach out to him, but they haven’t shared yet if Luke gave them an answer. Katy Perry was given $25 million to come and do the show and Ryan Seacrest is coming back once again. They gave Ryan Seacrest around $15 million to do the show. Sources said that the next person would be getting around $6 million.

Sources said that the next person would be getting around $6 million. Luke Bryan is a big name in country music, though. He might expect to get paid a bit more than that if he was willing to do the show. His good friend Blake Shelton is a coach on The Voice and Luke has been seen on there helping him out. He did show that he would fit in great with this kind of show. Fans of Luke would love to get the chance to see him weekly on television.

There are only a few weeks before they start filming American Idol so they need to figure this out pretty fast. Lionel Richie, Charlie Puth and Keith Urban are all names that have been thrown around as possible judges. Keith Urban has been on the show before, so he would know what he was getting into if he joined the reality show again. If they do things they way they normally do, then American Idol still needs two more judges to sit with Katy Perry.

Are you shocked to hear that Luke Bryan was offered the job as the second judge on American Idol? Do you think that he would do a good job? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t miss American Idol when it comes back this time around on ABC.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]