Gwen Stefani Pregnant At 47? Blake Shelton’s Love Reportedly Hiding Her Baby Bump

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been fighting pregnancy rumors for the past year. Although most of the reports have been proven false, the latest development contends the No Doubt alum is actively hiding her baby bump. Is Stefani pregnant at 47?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, sources claim that Stefani is acting the same as when she was pregnant with Apollo a few years back. This includes walking a little different and protecting her belly, things she tends to do when carrying a baby. The source couldn’t say for sure if Stefani is pregnant, but it sounds like she is acting like it.

“She has always wanted a girl and she is really in love with Blake,” the insider added.

“She loves Blake, and they are a perfect couple. She would certainly be overjoyed to have his baby.”

Just last month, reports surfaced that Stefani was trying alternative methods to get pregnant. The pop star was reportedly consulting with Chinese herbalists and undergoing acupuncture to help increase fertility. She was also seeing a hypnotist to help her get in the right frame of mind for a baby.

Gwen Stefani’s time frame for having another child is quickly closing. While she had Apollo when she was 43-years-old, not too many people conceive at 47. It isn’t out of the possibility, but Stefani definitely needs to get things going if she wants a family with Shelton.

Even if Shelton and Stefani don’t have kids, their romance is clearly hotter than ever. In fact, an inside source told Hollywood Life that Shelton absolutely loves Stefani kisses and simply can’t get enough of her. Shelton reportedly can’t stand a bad kisser and couldn’t be happier with their late night smooches.

As far as Stefani is concerned, it appears as though she shares similar feelings towards Shelton. After all, she is constantly giving Shelton kisses on social media and even has a screen saver of Shelton kissing her on the cheek. This doesn’t mean the two are getting ready to have a baby, but it’s clear that they have great chemistry.

That said, some insiders are claiming that Shelton and Stefani are fighting a lot these days. These reports have not been substantiated, and the pair is expected to spend Labor Day weekend at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma.

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[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]