Crystal McDowell Goes Missing Prior To Harvey Devastation, Police Still Searching For Mom Of Two

Crystal McDowell is a missing mother of two. She vanished shortly before Hurricane Harvey destroyed parts of Texas and now, there are still no signs of the woman. In preparation for the impending storm, McDowell was scheduled to pick up her two young children from the home she shares with her ex-husband on August 25. They were planning to head to Dallas to avoid the rain and the wind from the predicted hurricane. When she didn’t show up, her family became increasingly worried.

The situation surrounding Crystal McDowell’s living arrangement has been brought into question. She went through a divorce in June, and currently still owns the house where her ex-husband, Steven McDowell, and their children live. Crystal has been staying with her boyfriend, Paul Hargrave in a town just a few miles away.

According to People, Crystal McDowell was considered a missing person on August 26. There has been very little information available about where she could have gone or why she just didn’t show up for her children. Her car was found at a nearby Motel 6 submerged in water. The location was just over 10 miles from her home. Questions surrounding why she would have been at the motel have been raised, along with the suspicion, the car could have been left there to throw police off.

It has been made clear that Crystal McDowell is not a victim of Hurricane Harvey as she was missing prior to landfall. The dire conditions have hampered the search for the missing mom as the police have been heavily focused on rescuing people who have fallen victim to flooded homes, cars, and other challenges due to the storm. It has been seven days since McDowell was officially given the missing person status, with little information to go on regarding her whereabouts.

Right now, there has been no information regarding suspects in the disappearance of Crystal McDowell. Her uncle who is also a coworker mentioned that she had missed an appointment on the afternoon of August 25. He is hopeful she will return home, but noted that she isn’t one to just disappear and not contact her children. Paul Hargrave told police that he last heard from Crystal around 8:30 that morning when she told him the roads were clear.

Her family is hopeful Crystal McDowell will be found, but until then, there are still several questions surrounding her disappearance.

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