Melania Quite The Quick Change Artist In Midair

Melania Trump does it again. She left the ground all dressed up for her second trip to Texas only to do a quick change while still in midair. While she is still looking stylish, she arrived on the ground in Texas ready for a day of walking around the flooded areas of the state in clothes that are more conducive to doing so. She came down the steps of Air Force One ready to tour the devastation in the Long Horn State.

During her first trip to Texas, she was dressed in iconic fashion but emerged in Texas looking like she could join a baseball game, complete with a cap. Today’s mode of dress while in Texas appears to be similar, just that her color scheme has changed.

Today, Melania boarded Air Force One for her second trip to Texas this week in a dress and stilettos but she emerged from the plane in skinny jeans and a denim-colored top. The dark sunglasses and a baseball cap are her only fashion accessories and yes, she was wearing sneakers in place of the snakeskin stilettos that she wore when boarding the plane this morning. According to the Daily Mail, the President and First Lady left Washington at about 9:30 this morning for Texas.

Trump is making every aspect of this trip humbling; even the set of stairs that the President and First Lady used to get off the plane today are the ones built into Air Force One. They didn’t walk down that grand set of stairs that is typically rolled up to the president’s aircraft when they enter and exit the plane.

While Donald and Melania Trump are headed for one of the evacuation centers to meet with the flood victims, rescuers, and volunteers, it is not known exactly which one, reported Fox News live today. Below, you can see a clip of the President and First Lady getting off Air Force One in Texas, which is their second trip to the flood-ravaged areas. According to CBS News, they will also tour the areas of devastation on this trip today.

There is an obvious reason that the location of Trump’s destination is not publically known, and that is to keep Trump and Melania safe. If no one in the general public knows their destination, there is less of a chance of someone considering a deed of ill-will showing up.

No matter who is in the crowd when Trump arrives, he has the best Secret Service agents on the planet keeping him safe today, which is something Trump himself has expressed in the past. Below is a tweeted picture of Melania and Donald Trump making their way to the helicopter on the White House lawn Saturday morning on the first leg of their second trip to Texas.

The press pool is with the president and first lady and these are the folks that will supply the live pictures coming from today’s trip. According to Fox News live this afternoon, this trip will remain low-keyed with very little politics seeping into the goals of this journey.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]