Apocalypse Sex: Many Looking For End Of The World Hook Up

As we count down to the end of the world, which is scheduled to take place this Friday at 11:11 am, there are a great deal of people who want to maximize their end of the year experience by getting some Apocalypse Sex. Craigslist has seen an uptick in ads looking for “casual encounters” and even “end of the world sex.”

The New York Post is reporting that a swimsuit model named Niki Ghazian declared to the paper:

“If I die, I don’t want to die on a dry spell! Everybody should go out feeling satisfied. If the world’s gonna end, why hold back?”

There are more than 50 announced parties at local bars and area hot spots in New York City alone that are advertising end of the world themed parties. They are hoping that, with the end of the world on the horizon, there will be a lot of people like Ghazian who just want to show up and get some companionship and some Apocalypse sex.

Dennis Clinton, a bartender from the Lower East Side said he is going to go buy new clothes and get a haircut for the occasion, saying:

“I will be looking for an end-of-the-world hook-up. If you’re going to go out, go out with a bang.”

Sara Saperstein of Bushwick is also hoping to get one last hook up in before the world ends, telling the Post:

“It’s like New Year’s. I want to go out on a wild note.”

There will be a great amount of parties going on all over the country to welcome the coming rapture. Check local listings for your own.

What are you looking to get out of the last night on Earth?

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