Fox News Poll: President Trump Seen As ‘Bully, Unstable’

Nearly three in every four Americans see President Donald Trump as a “bully” on some level, according to a new Fox News Poll.

Conducted over a 48-hour period beginning Aug. 27, pollsters found that 73 percent of all the 1,006 respondents contacted think the president is a “bully” to some extent. More specifically, when posed with the question of how well the word “bully” describes the president, 39 percent of respondents responded “extremely,” 14 percent replied “very” and 20 percent answered “somewhat.”

Pollsters also found when it came to the word “unstable,” Trump didn’t fare much better, with 60 percent of respondents overall agreeing the word aptly describes him on some level.

At least 50 percent of all respondents also agreed that Trump was “not at all” presidential, “not at all” a moral leader, “not at all” compassionate or steady and “not at all” honest.

Overall, 56 percent of all respondents added Trump was “tearing the country apart” and 55 percent disapproved of his job performance.

The no-holds barred Fox News takedown comes on the heels of Trump also being blistered in a recent Pew Research Center poll, where an average of 60 percent of Americans found words like “selfish” and “prejudice” to be apt descriptions of him.

Overall, a staggering 66 percent of respondents in that poll concurred that they do not agree with the president “on none, almost none or just a few of the issues facing the country today.”

Even among Republicans, researchers found less that one in three voters, or just 31 percent, said they agree with the president on most all fronts.

When it comes to his early conduct in the Oval Office, GOP voters also appear to be growing increasingly perturbed.

Donald Trump talks tax reform at a Springfield, Missouri, event. [Image by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]

Just 34 percent of Republican supporters indicated that they approved of the way Trump carries himself as president, with 46 percent indicating that they have mixed feelings.

In addition, more than three in five respondents, or 62 percent, said they do not consider the word “honest” to be appropriate in describing the president.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are down in a number of recent polls. [Images by Chris Kleponis/Getty Images]

Pollsters also found that 52 percent of all those surveyed agreed that the president is “not tough enough” in his dealings with Russia.

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