Nurse Arrested For Refusing Blood Draw On Unconscious Patient: Cop ‘Bullied Me To Utmost Extreme’ — Video

The “nurse getting arrested video” has gone viral this week, as it shows a cop putting handcuffs on a nurse in a Utah hospital before dragging her from the facility screaming and “frightened.” Nurse Alex Wubbels refused to do a blood draw on an unconscious patient because he could not give his consent for the procedure. She was following the hospital’s policy with that refusal, which she showed the police in writing before she was cuffed and taken away.

The video, which has saturated the online world, as well as network and cable news channels, was captured on a body cam video. The treatment of that nurse was “alarming,” according to CNN News, as she was just doing her job at the time this incident occurred. According to the Huffington Post today, that cop is now under a criminal investigation for that arrest scene.

You can see the video at the end of this article, which also contains an interview with the nurse who is in tears over the incident. She was not charged in this case and she was let go from the police station after she was brought in by the officers seen on that video. According to the Sun Herald, in an interview after the incident, Wubbels said that the “This cop bullied me. He bullied me to the utmost extreme.” She also said that “nobody stood in his way.”

The patient was admitted to the burn unit of the University of Utah hospital in a coma after the accident, which is the unit where Wubbels works. When Detective Jeff Payne ordered a blood draw on the patient, Wubbels presented the police with a printout of the blood draw policy of the hospital, which indicated she could not draw the blood of a patient without his or her consent.

Police would need to obtain a judge’s order or the patient would need to be under arrest at the time police order the blood drawn. Police could not meet the criteria for the nurse to go ahead and draw a sample of the patient’s blood, according to CNN News. This is when things took a turn for the worse.

Detective Jeff Payne was the officer seen in the video cuffing Wubbels, leaving her “scared to death,” reported the Daily Progress. The Salt Lake City detective has not only been put on administrative leave for his actions, but a criminal investigation into the treatment of Wubbels is now underway.

As another article from the Huffington Post reported, “nurses endure a shocking amount of violence on the job,” but it is usually not from the police. But this video shows an officer “violently arresting a University of Utah nurse.” As Fox News live suggested, police and emergency room workers are usually considered on the same team. The video has sparked outrage across the nation this week.

This video has shocked the nation, as it has been reported across mainstream media after it was released this week by Wubbels’ lawyers. The incident occurred in July, but the release of this video has made this incident headline news this week. This treatment of this nurse is described by many different media news outlets as “violent” and described the nurse as being “manhandled” by police.

The police wanted a blood test done on a patient wh0 was identified as William Gray, 43, a man who hails from Idaho. He was severely injured when a car hit the semi-truck that he was driving for work. According to the police department in Rigby Idaho, Gray is one of their reserve officers.

Not only has the police chief from the Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah apologized, where this incident occurred, but the police chief from Idaho offered up his sincere thank you to the nurse for protecting the patient’s rights, who is one of their own reserve officers.

According to the Daily Progress, the police in Rigby released a statement explaining they had no idea that this nurse was arrested until they found out Thursday with the rest of the nation. The Rigby Police Department thanked the nurse, Alex Wubbels, in that statement, along with the hospital. They gave them thanks and praise “for standing firm” and protecting Gray’s rights.

Tucker Carlson did a segment on this video on his Friday night show as being one of the most unbelievable videos to surface this week. The concerns of both Tucker and his panel was centered around a question — “Could this happen to me?”

Below you can see the body cam video that was released by the nurse’s lawyers, which is the video that sparked so much outrage across the nation.

[Featured Image by Salt Lake City Police Department via Karra Porter/AP Images]

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