‘Married At First Sight’: Danielle DeGroot Sheds Light On Divorce With Cody Knapek In Tell-All Interview

In what could only be Married at First Sight‘s most unsurprising twist, Season 5 couple Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek have decided to call it quits. After surprising viewers and fans by staying together despite their admitted lack of intimacy, the reality TV stars ultimately threw in the towel late last month.

Unlike some divorces in Married at First Sight‘s history, however, Danielle and Cody parted on what seems to be fairly good terms. Despite the couple ending their marriage, the two could still be seen joking with each other on social media. If any, Cody and Danielle’s split seemed to have only affected their marriage, not their friendship.

Since then, however, both Danielle and Cody have been quite silent about their divorce. That is, of course, until recently, when the dietitian was interviewed by lifestyle blogger and television personality Sarah Ruhlman. In the brief tell-all interview, Danielle shed some light on the primary reason behind her and Cody’s split.

According to Danielle, her journey with Married at First Sight is an unforgettable one, especially considering how deep the reality TV show dug into her life. The MAFS star also stated that she enjoyed the whole experience overall, and that she has fallen in love with her film crew during the course of the last MAFS season.

Speaking about her divorce, Danielle explained that she and Cody are parting ways in the best of terms. Stating that she has nothing but affection for her former husband, Danielle revealed in the brief interview that the reason behind their recent split is something that many viewers and avid MAFS fans have noticed since the couple got back from their honeymoon — a sheer lack of chemistry. Nevertheless, Danielle stated that she has no regrets about her brief marriage to Cody.

“We definitely gave it a shot, and there is love there. I have nothing but love for him. It’s just; we did not fall in love. There’s still friendship, and I call that a win, honestly. I think it’s a win.”

Overall, Danielle remarked that her experience with Married at First Sight has encouraged her to explore even more. The reality TV star shared that apart from continuing her career as a dietitian, she is now actively trying to get her certification as a yoga instructor.

Danielle and Cody showed the least amount of chemistry among the three couples of the reality TV show’s last season. Despite their incompatibility, however, Danielle and Cody gained a lot of supporters in social media due to their likable personalities and their tendency to banter with each other on Twitter. Even now that they have announced their split, the Married at First Sight stars remain just as likable as ever.

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