Believe It Or Not, Chapter Two Of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Is Not Even Confirmed To Happen…Yet

One week from today, the remake of Stephen King’s It is set to hit theaters, and many fans realize that it is only the first part, but what if there isn’t a chapter two? It seems to be almost an inevitability that the second part, when the Losers Club grows up, is going to happen, and producer Seth Grahame-Smith even says it is “locked and loaded.” The only problem is that filming can’t exactly begin because it hasn’t been confirmed that chapter two will even happen.

The trailers have brought about true fear to those who have seen them. Critics have had their first looks at the film and say it is one of the scariest movies to hit theaters in a very long time. Part 1 of It is going to focus on the Losers Club as children and how they deal with their greatest fears manifested by Pennywise the clown.

Chapter 2 is set to focus on the group after they have grown up and are forced to deal with the return of Pennywise. Producer Seth Grahame-Smith spoke with Jo Blo about the upcoming horror movie release and said that the second film is ready to go, but it hasn’t been given the green light yet.

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Grahame-Smith said that everyone is waiting for the go-ahead from Warner Bros., but they’re ready to start the second film.

“We are locked and loaded and ready to jump in the minute they say ‘go’. The script is not done, but the script is being worked on. Obviously, we, all the filmmakers, are just champing at the bit to get started, and we have a very exciting shape, and [It co-writer Gary Dauberman] is working away.”

After a slight pause, he added one more thing that may make Stephen King fans cringe a little bit.

“I feel somewhat optimistic that we’ll get to make it, but there’s been no official decision.”

Now, it appears as if Warner Bros. is going to wait and see how the first part of the remake of Stephen King’s It does in theaters before going forward with Chapter 2. According to Deadline, It is likely going to bring in an estimated $60 million in its opening weekend, and that would make Warner Bros.’ decision much easier.

While speaking with Jo Blo, Seth Grahame-Smith actually said that there was a lot of planning that went into making this film. There was also talk of condensing everything down to make it one long three-hour movie.

“When we came on over six years ago there was a draft that attempted to flash back and forth…To us, it was evident that you’re never going to be able to service these characters and these moments if you try to cram it all into one movie. And then it’s going to be weird, you know? You’re flashing back and forth, which means that, well, what happens if the first movie comes out and tanks and you just never finish the story, period? That feels weird. To us, the best way to do it was to separate it out. That was a very early decision.”

It wouldn’t have been the first film to have a running time over three hours. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring had a theatrical run time of 178 minutes with the extended version coming in at 208 minutes. With a worldwide box office of more than $870 million, the long run time obviously didn’t scare anyone away.

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Stephen King’s It is finally getting the remake treatment it deserves with an R-rating, two full parts, and some iconic horror. The only problem at this time is that Chapter 2 isn’t even guaranteed to happen, but the opening weekend box office may change that in just one week. Warner Bros. is likely going to realize they have a winner on their hands with the first film, and it seems to be just a mere numbers thing to get the green light for the second one.

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