The House Of Stephen King Pays Tribute To One Of His Greatest Tales As The First People See The Remake Of ‘It’

In less than two weeks, the remake of Stephen King’s It will hit theaters, but some critics have already seen it and that makes this little tribute even sweeter. Many fans are anticipating this movie more than any others in a long time, but they want to make sure that it pays true respect to the miniseries and more importantly, the book. Not only are the first reactions coming across quite nicely, but there was even a tribute outside of the very house owned by Stephen King.

That tribute has come in the form of a single red balloon.

As many fans of the story may know, red balloons are a symbol of Pennywise the clown and signify the fear that can come from something so innocent and pure. If you’ve read the book or watched the 1990 miniseries or have seen any of the trailers for the new film, you’ll know just how important the red balloons are to the tale.

On Sept. 8, the remake of Stephen King’s It will hit theaters and is a movie that so many have been anxiously awaiting. As reported by Collider, the first reactions are in from those who have been lucky enough to see it, and it appears as if the fear is real.

Facebook user Erich Hunted posted this photo on his Facebook page with a very fun and simple caption attached to it.

“A solitary red balloon hanging on the fence outside of the residence of Stephen King.

Well played. Well played.”

In less than 24 hours, the photo has already been shared 45 times and it is continuing to make the rounds as more Stephen King fans catch wind of it. This is indeed the home of Stephen King and some of those commenting have noticed something quite eerie in the photo that makes it even more exciting.

Should you zoom in on the window on the bottom left of the photo, you can see another red balloon. It’s in the first-floor window, the second pane up and it is just peeking out of the curtains.

[Image by Warner Bros.]

As of now, King has not commented on the single red balloon on the fence at his home. It’s interesting to see this little tribute, but it could have been placed there by a fan of his works or simply someone that just loves Stephen King’s It more than anything.

Now, the red balloon in the window of his home? That’s a different story entirely and one that makes this whole thing that even more fantastic. Not that it needed any help as shown by the 97 percent “want to see” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but this may build it up that much more.

There have been a number of Stephen King’s novels which have been turned into different TV series or feature length films, and It even had its shot almost 30 years ago. Still, the story is one that deserved to be on the big screen and given the attention it deserves as it is so good and can be such a great horror film. Obviously, Stephen King himself, or someone near his house believes that the upcoming release of It deserved the tribute of a single red balloon.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]

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