Gwyneth Paltrow Confesses To Brad Pitt: ‘I F***** That Up, Brad – I F**** Up So Many Relationships’ [Video]

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt seemed like the darling couple of Hollywood when the duo was photographed in 1995 in Los Angeles. Gwyneth and Brad were attending the premiere of Copycat in the photo above, and the couple would become engaged to be married circa that time. However, Paltrow and Pitt’s impending marriage wouldn’t happen – and fans of the famous couple always wondered what happened to that relationship. Now, Paltrow is being more open about whose fault the demise of the relationship could fall upon, and puts the blame squarely on her own shoulders.

As seen in the below video from Entertainment Tonight, Paltrow told Girl Boss Radio that she “f***** up” so many relationships, and even called out Brad Pitt’s name specifically. Gwyneth admitted to Brad directly, if Pitt was listening to her radio interview, that she messed up their relationship. Although the below interview clip doesn’t get into specifics about how Paltrow messed up her engagement to Pitt, Paltrow has been more specific in other interviews about the ruination of the relationship with Pitt. As reported by Vanity Fair, Paltrow called herself a 22-year-old kid when she began dating Pitt, and spoke about how upset her own father was when Paltrow and Pitt broke up, since her dad loved Brad like a son.

Gwyneth called Brad sweet and handsome, but didn’t delve into rumors that have dogged Paltrow for years, which blame Paltrow’s alleged cheating on Pitt as the reason for their break-up. Although Paltrow has done a mea culpa for her role in the breakdown of many relationships, Gwyneth has not gotten specific in speaking about rumors of cheating – and if true, who might have been on the other end of the cheating stick. Co-stars from Ben Affleck to other famous names have been brought up when it comes to rumors of Paltrow’s alleged cheating, but Gwyneth has not confirmed any of the gossip by naming someone.

More than 20 years later, both Paltrow and Pitt have moved on from their Hollywood engagement, with Gwyneth calling herself happy now with another “Brad” as a boyfriend – Brad Falchuk – and her big business named Goop.

[Featured Image by Brenda Chase/Getty Images]