Derick Dillard Declares Himself ‘Dead,’ Praises Jill Duggar For Not Pursuing ‘Beauty’ After Twitter Scandal

For the past few weeks, Derick Dillard has been posting a string of tweets that caused a lot of buzz. It all began when he stated that “transgender is a myth,” when referring to another TLC star, Jazz Jennings, which started a Twitter scandal that the network itself found important to disassociate itself from. From then on, he started reporting details from his life that got Counting On fans’ attention.

The 28-year-old missionary went on to state that he and his family of four will not return to Central America to continue their missionary work. He updated his fans on the family blog that he will concentrate working in “Northwest Arkansas,” choosing to stay close to his and Jill’s family.

A lot of his fans thought that this means he will not be asking for money. However, that proved to be false when he launched a campaign on Pure Charity to ask his followers to donate $6,500 to support his work at his home church, Cross Church College.

Many were skeptical of this fundraising efforts, stating that he seems to make no efforts to sustain a paying job to support his family. They also asked about the money they received from TLC from starring in Counting On.

“Derick [is] doing everything to avoid getting a real job,” a follower commented underneath Jill Duggar’s post.

BIG NEWS about our next step in ministry! *Visit the link in my bio!*

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Derick Dillard’s campaign was soon removed when the webservice found that it violated “Terms of Use for Registered User Conduct.”

Despite all these things happening online, Jill Duggar’s husband has not given up on his social media presence. His two latest tweets have again drawn his followers’ attention for their odd content.

On the last day of August, he posted a tweet about his wife that got many people confused.

“Would you be good enough to explain what message you are trying to convey?” A fan asked him directly on Twitter.

Some people thought that this was a “backhanded compliment,” as it suggested that Jill was neither charming or beautiful.

Others tried to be more understanding, saying that he does not mean to say that “Jill is ugly,” but instead that he thinks that “she has a good heart and […] he admires that about her.”

Then he went on to post this tweet that bewildered even more Counting On fans.

For those who are not familiar with the Christian faith, the 28-year-old missionary is referring to the fact that he was baptized this day 19 years ago. For many believers, baptism is a declaration to the world about one’s commitment to the church and faith.

“Dead? Is that how you describe born-again? Rather odd,” a fan commented.

Some of his followers chose to respond to this tweet by making fun of its overly dramatic nature.

Meanwhile, his wife, Jill Duggar, is living a pretty quiet life on social media. She just had her second baby, Samuel Dillard, in July, which means that she is busy taking care of him. The only picture that she uploaded on her active Instagram account since announcing her husband’s fundraiser was of Joy-Anna, announcing her pregnancy.

We are so excited for Joy and Austin and their new little one on the way! #congrats @austinandjoyforsyth

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It has been almost a month since Jill posted about her own babies.

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