Prince Harry, Girlfriend Meghan Markle Share Alleged Wild Child Party Past: Inside Their Secret ‘Love Shack’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shared a year of romance, enchanting their fans with their recent visit to Africa amid rumors that the two would soon become engaged. But now, a new report claims that the prince and Meghan share something else, and that’s an alleged past where each was known as a wild child fond of partying.

The new allegations about Markle, which include reportedly using a fake ID to enjoy visits to clubs when she was in a sorority known for partying, come just as headlines are revealing what happened inside the so-called “love shack” where the lovebirds resided during their African vacation.

Meghan Markle’s College Pals Reveal Wild Child Past

When Meghan attended Northwestern University, she belonged to what students there describe as a “hard-partying” sorority. Now some of her university friends are unveiling the antics that, according to the Mirror, vie with her boyfriend Prince Harry’s own famous love for partying.

Markle’s pals feel that she’s well-suited to Harry, and they even view her alleged wild days as a partying student as the ideal training to keep pace with the characteristics that cause some to refer to him as the “playboy prince.” Although the actress, now 36-years-old, has matured to the point of being viewed as the perfect princess-in-waiting, her reportedly wild college days are earning comparisons to Harry at the peak of his playboy years, now 32-years-old.

Training To Keep Pace With Playboy Prince?

When Meghan was at Northwestern University in Chicago in the early 2000s, she was a student into the party scene, according to the Mirror.

“[Meghan Markle] was a typical party-loving student who allegedly used fake ID to go clubbing.”

Prince Harry’s girlfriend reportedly was particularly fond of a bar that was shut down after charges of underage drinking. But when the actress visited the campus recently, she shared memories related to Burger King rather than booze.

Meghan Markle reportedly has a wild child party past that parallels Prince Harry's own playboy years.
Meghan Markle reportedly has a wild child party past that parallels Prince Harry's own playboy years. [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

“The 24-hour Burger King also ­definitely helped me put on the Freshman Fifteen,” admitted Markle.

Parallel Party Paths

During the years when Meghan was at the university’s School of Communication, Prince Harry was getting a reputation for overdoing it with alcohol. Throughout his late teens, the prince appeared in the headlines for his fondness for “wild nights out in Gloucestershire pubs,” noted the publication.

Those pubs were located near Highgrove, which is Prince Charles’s country home. And one pub was even closer to home. Harry arranged an exclusive nightclub in the basement of Highgrove, inviting his posh pals to “Club H.”

During those years when the prince partied with his pals, Markle enjoyed good times with her own party pack at the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. One current member of the sorority described the group as “intelligent hot messes.”

A former student told the Mirror that Prince Harry’s girlfriend admitted that she had a fake ID during her years at the university, using it to get into a popular student bar.

From Using A Fake ID To Supporting A Prince

Now, years later, both Harry and his girlfriend have put their wild child years behind them. Now viewed almost as a member of the royal family, Meghan has been spending time in the United Kingdom to support Prince Harry on the 20th anniversary of his mother Princess Diana’s death.

Meghan Markle supported Prince Harry recently on the 20th anniversary of his mother Prince Diana's death.
Meghan Markle supported Prince Harry recently on the 20th anniversary of his mother Prince Diana's death. [Image by John Redman/AP Images]

The duo spent the sad anniversary at Kensington Palace, along with Prince William, Princess Kate, and Harry’s nephew and niece. George is now 4-years-old, while Charlotte is 2-years-old.

Amid the sorrow, however, rumors of how Harry has taken his love to the next level continue to soar. As observers of the royal family seek signs that he has proposed, one new report is describing what really happened on the prince’s very special trip that Harry arranged for his girlfriend.

Inside Prince Harry’s Secret Love Shack

Amid the sorrow of the anniversary of Diana’s death, the Daily Mail dished up new details of what happened in the “love shack” that Harry arranged to celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday. The birthday adventure provided the Suits star with her first wildlife safari in Africa.

After the lovebirds arrived at Maun airport, the prince and Markle went to a tented bush camp at Meno a Kwena. That is the same camp to which Harry took his famous gal pal Chelsy Davy in 2007. The prince is known to be particularly fond of Botswana, and he reportedly chose it to celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday and their one-year anniversary as an official couple.

The £650-a-night camp provided Harry and his girlfriend with a fabulous “glamping” experience. The lovebirds watched a variety of wildlife from their luxurious tent, including a herd of zebras. To maintain their privacy, they ordered dinner, drinks, and breakfast from room service away from the other guests visiting the camp at the same time.

Did Harry Propose?

One observer told the Daily Mail that the prince and Meghan enjoyed a private lunch that included wine. The couple then walked up to a private path overlooking a river, holding hands and sparking a new round of speculation that Harry had proposed.

However, despite all those rumors, it has not been confirmed that Harry is now engaged. It also is anticipated that the prince will need to seek consent from the Queen.

Highlights of their romantic trip reportedly included dining on a veranda, complete with a dining table, buckskin rugs, and day-bed for a comfortable place to view the wildlife. Lions were heard roaring close to their quarters, while birds including pied kingfishers and barred owls provided Harry and Meghan with a natural wake-up call.

“It’s the mating season for all our birds,” a source told the Daily Mail.

[Featured Image by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images]