‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Leaked Script: That Littlefinger Twist & The Stark Children’s Fate Explained

The Game of Thrones Season 8 leaked script have plenty of stories left to tell, including some about the fate of the remaining Stark children: Bran, Arya, and Sansa.

The emergence of the alleged script summaries for the epic fantasy drama’s final season provided fans, who are eager to learn what happens next after the Season 7 finale, a welcome distraction from the long wait until HBO’s highest-grossing TV series returns some time in 2018 or early in 2019.

While it contained many unexpected twists that caused some fans to doubt its veracity as reported by the Inquisitr, there remains a lot to be unearthed from the alleged Game of Thrones Season 8 leaked script including what will happen next to the remaining Stark children.

Warning: Details of the Season 7 finale and possible spoilers for Season 8 ahead.

Based on where Season 7 left off, it seemed like Jon Snow is no longer considered a Stark, although that bombshell of a revelation has yet to reach the two daughters of the late Catelyn and Ned Stark. Bran, who inherited the powers of the Three-Eyed-Raven during his time north of The Wall, has finally told another soul (Samwell Tarly) about Jon’s parentage.

Of course, Sansa and Arya were also involved in quite a surprising twist before the Game of Thrones Season 8 leaked script became a hot topic: Petyr Baelish’s execution.

Speaking to Variety, Bran Stark portrayer Isaac Hempstead Wright revealed that there was actually a deleted scene that could’ve prepared the viewers for what is to come to the conniving character popularly known as Littlefinger.

“We actually did a scene that clearly got cut, a short scene with Sansa where she knocks on Bran’s door and says, ‘I need your help,’ or something along those lines.”

Actor Explained 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Finale's Petyr Baelish Death In Deleted Scene
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But what the audience saw in the final cut of the episode was that Sansa had her sister brought to the Great Hall after Littlefinger asked her to play a game, insinuating that Arya wanted to get rid of her sister to become the Lady of Winterfell.

“So basically, as far as I know, the story was that it suddenly occurred to Sansa that she had a huge CCTV department at her discretion and it might be a good idea to check with him first before she guts her own sister,” Wright explained.

From there, we see the sisters finally exchanging pleasantries, cementing the alliance between them, all thanks to their brother Bran.

Now, the Game of Thrones Season 8 leaked script revealed that Bran’s Three-Eyed-Raven powers will also be used to fight off the White Walkers as he is said to control one of Daenerys Targaryen’s surviving dragons, Rhaegal.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Leaked Script Reveal Bran Taking Over The Night King's Mind To Prevent The Great War
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At some point, Bran also tries to take over the mind of the Night King in the past the same way he did to Hodor to prevent him from becoming who he is now. However, the remaining Stark lord is overwhelmed by the Night King’s subconscious, leaving him baffled after witnessing scenes from the past, including one showing the original Azor Ahai. He is also said to find his way to The Wierwood with Maester Wolken and Sam during the Great War between the living and the dead.

While we know that Jon is really a Targaryen, the Game of Thrones Season 8 leaked script doesn’t indicate any chance that he is riding any one of Dany’s dragons. Because of this, Bran decided to take control of Rhaegal using the skinchanging skill he used to see through Summer’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Arya and Sansa are left in Winterfell to defend their home against the White Walkers, with the help of Brienne, Pod, Tyrion, Greyworm, and quite possibly the Unsullied army led by Missandei’s castrated lover.

Nothing else is stated in the Game of Thrones Season 8 leaked script of the fate of the remaining Stark daughters except for one: Sansa ending up being Tyrion’s wife “somewhere in the mix.”

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