iPhone 8, iPhone 7s And 7s Plus Release Date Confirmed On September 12, Prices And Storage Options Leaked

Ronald Cress

The iPhone 8's release date has been cemented. Apple is introducing its newest iPhone alongside the S iterations of the current models on September 12, according to the invites sent out to the press. Aside from the new generation of iPhones, Apple is also expected to showcase iOS 11 and the new Apple Watch and Apple TV. We may also get to hear more about the HomePod speaker.

The event is kind of a big deal for Apple as this year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, hence why there is an iPhone 8. While the invites don't really reveal or hint what the company is planning for spectators, Business Insider reports that people are expecting something big aside from the new iPhones.

The event is happening for the first time at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. The mobile maker recently opened its new headquarters and on September 12, we'll finally get to see what's inside.

Every year, the mobile community searches for clues in the press invitations. This year, we don't have much except for the event details. The only thing mysterious about it is the multi-color logo featuring streaks of blue, orange, and pink, but those don't say much.

The iPhone 8, being special and all, is expected to come with an expensive price tag. One of the biggest factors is the design, which went to a totally different direction this time. It is believed that the 10th anniversary iPhone has ditched the home button and has adopted an almost bezel-less display, pictured below.

The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are also going for a new look and adopting a rear glass panel, but the prices should be the same as the current generations', as evidenced by a recent leak found by BGR.

The iPhone 8, mentioned as iPhone X Edition (could this be the official name?), has two variants: 128GB and 256GB costing 7,888 yuan and 8,688 yuan respectively. Adjusted for the U.S. market, the prices of the new smartphone models would then be approximately $1,000 and $1,150. These figures are in line with the previous rumors and leaks.

Nevertheless, it's best to wait for Apple to make the official announcements. Until then, take the rumors with a grain of salt.