‘Blue Bloods’ Season 8 Spoilers: Major Character Leaving CBS Drama On Episode 1?

Blue Bloods Season 8 is only a few weeks away from its premiere on CBS, and fans can not wait to see what awaits the Reagan family following the events that took place during the Season 7 finale. While there have been rumors that Tom Selleck may be leaving the series, a recent report explores the possibility that a major character will be exiting the team during its season premiere. Which character is it?

Blue Bloods Season 8 spoilers are teasing the possibility that one member of the Reagan family may be leaving during the season premiere of the CBS drama. Per Carter Matt, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) has been put on a pedestal following the events that took place during the Season 7 finale, which may force him to make big changes in his career.

As most fans can recall, during the Blue Bloods Season 7 finale entitled “The Thin Blue Line,” Danny was caught in a problem involving the drug cartel. This would have serious repercussions in his career and affect the entire Reagan family.

The publication notes on the possibility that Danny may instead choose to retire from his position in Blue Bloods Season 8, especially after seeing his house burn to the ground during the Season 7 finale. Of course, Danny’s decision could work both ways, and he may choose to use this as a learning experience and be extra careful in succeeding cases.

Many fans expressed their worries after hearing about a potential exit from a major cast member in Blue Bloods Season 8. There have been previous reports that Tom Selleck may be the one exiting the CBS drama, but it looks like fans have a lot more to look forward to from the actor and his character, Frank Reagan.

In an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Kevin Wade said that the upcoming season will focus a lot more on Selleck’s character. According to Wade, Frank’s life will become a little bit more interesting following the retirement of Mayor Poole and the introduction of a new mayor in town in Blue Bloods Season 8.

Wade also explained that Danny has to learn about the consequences of his decisions, which explains why Danny had to go through a lot during the Blue Bloods Season 7 finale. Wade teased, however, that there will be a “surprise at the beginning of season 8” for Danny.

Do you think Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny is retiring in Blue Bloods Season 8?

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