WWE Rumors: Dolph Ziggler Leaving WWE In October, Farewell Feud Revealed

SmackDown Live has become the land of opportunity for some WWE Superstars over the past year, but it’s been more of the same for Dolph Ziggler. The WWE Universe considers The Show Off to be one of the most underutilized performers on the roster, but he’s had a tough time just getting onto television over the past couple of months. However, it may not be an issue for much longer. Ziggler might be moving on very soon.

It’s being reported that Dolph Ziggler’s contract is set to expire in October. As of this writing, it’s unclear whether there is genuine interest on Ziggler’s side to sign a new deal with the company, but the expectation is Dolph is ready to move onto other opportunities. Shinsuke Nakamura started a rumor that he could be headed for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Cody Rhodes has proven that leaving WWE can also be a brilliant career move.

Until October, WWE officials have every intention of utilizing Dolph Ziggler while he is still under contract with the company. Apparently, the powers that be are bringing him back to SmackDown Live for a rivalry with Bobby Roode. “The Glorious One” is only a few weeks into his run on “the blue brand,” but he should get at least one huge win over Dolph Ziggler over the coming weeks and heading into WWE Hell in a Cell.

Dolph Ziggler Will Feud With Bobby Roode On SmackDown Live
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The WWE Universe shouldn’t expect Dolph Ziggler to do much more on WWE television through October unless he changes his mind about re-signing with the company. In recent months, Ziggler has done a great job putting over top guys like Shinsuke Nakamura to help establish them with the WWE Universe. His next task will be to do the same for Bobby Roode. Afterward, that may be all she wrote for Dolph’s WWE career.

Dolph Ziggler has Always Been Capable Of Much More
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The WWE Universe may debate whether or not Dolph Ziggler was truly “held back” during his tenure with WWE if he does leave in October. However, an experienced veteran like “The Show Off” should have little trouble finding success and opportunity on the independent circuit. Like Drew McIntyre, a couple of years outside of WWE could make him a better performer. Someday, Dolph may return with new opportunities.

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