Poll: President Trump Seen As ‘Selfish, Prejudiced’ By Most Americans

A new Pew Research Center poll finds that an average of 60 percent of Americans find words like “selfish” and “prejudice” to be apt descriptions of President Donald Trump.

In a poll conducted during the week of August 21, Pew Center researchers also found that a staggering 66 percent of respondents concurred that they do not agree with the president “on none, almost none or just a few of the issues facing the country today.”

By comparison, just 15 percent of Americans shared that they agree with Trump on nearly all of the hot-button issues of the day.

Even among Republicans, researchers found less that one in three voters, or just 31 percent, said they agree with the president on most all fronts.

On the issue of his conduct, GOP voters also appear to be taking growing exception with some of Trump’s more controversial actions.

Just 34 percent of GOP supporters indicated that they approved of the way Trump conducts himself as president, with 46 percent indicating that they have mixed feelings.

Collectively, only a paltry 16 percent of the 1,893 adults surveyed said that they approved of the way he has handled himself in the Oval Office.

In addition, more than three in five respondents, or 62 percent, said they do not consider the word “honest” to be appropriate in describing the president.

Some early indications and established history also seem to suggest that Hurricane Harvey could mean even more trouble for Trump’s approval numbers.

Even as the storm continues to wreak havoc all across Texas, a recent Gallup poll found that the president’s approval rating had stalled at just 35 percent in its immediate aftermath.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are on the decline. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

According to Newsweek, the approval ratings of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both took dramatic hits when their administrations were forced to deal with similar disasters that left each of them under unrelenting criticism.

In the case of Bush, his numbers never fully recovered after Hurricane Katrina tore through Louisiana, leaving that area decimated for years.

President Trump arrives at White House after hosting a rally in Arizona. [Image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images]

Pollsters also found that 52 percent of all those surveyed agreed that the president is “not tough enough” in his dealings with Russia.

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