Is ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 A Go? Will Thomas Ravenel’s New GF Be Added To The Bravo Series?

‘Tis the season for rumors about Bravo shows and which ones will be renewed and which will go on the trash heap. Southern Charm season 5 seems more than likely to be renewed with its consistent ratings and constant off-camera drama. And once again, those Southern Charm characters aren’t disappointing fans who thought everything would get boring after Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis signed on the dotted line for their custody agreement. Though Ravenel has had two new meltdowns indicating he wants nothing to do with Southern Charm season 5, Bravo, or Andy Cohen, sources are saying he is back and wants his new plus one on Southern Charm season 5.

But is Bravo pushing back against Thomas Ravenel’s desire to get girlfriend Ashley Jacobs on Southern Charm season 5? Does that explain Ravenel’s recent Twitter rant saying that he doesn’t need the network and how his net worth exceeds that of Bravo exec Andy Cohen (it doesn’t)? Thomas Ravenel started off defending President Trump over accusations that he sided with neo-Nazis in the Charlottesville tragedy.

“Sooo ridiculous how #fakenews is going after Trump. Their whole oligarchy is threatened with extinction!”

When fans told him that he might want to zip it or get fired by Cohen and Bravo, Ravenel lashed out saying he doesn’t need the network that would air Southern Charm season 5 or Andy Cohen.

“You obviously know nothing about me. I could give two sh*ts about a tv show and I could buy @Andy with a credit card, so…”

But Cohen saw the post and responded.

“How much would I cost, T-Rav!????”

While at the time of the Southern Charm reunion Thomas Ravenel said he was single, he reportedly never broke things off with the nurse he met in Santa Barbara in March, Ashley Jacobs (despite his hookup with Kathryn Dennis at the reunion in NYC). But now AllabouttheTea is confirming that things are progressing because Ravenel has set Jacobs up in an apartment on Daniel Island, where he is now living in a “family friendly” home with Kensie and Saint, his children with Kathryn Dennis.

AllabouttheTea is confirming that Ravenel and Dennis are done for good but hint that Southern Charm fans might be seeing Ravenel’s new plus one on Southern Charm season 5.

“Fans can expect to see Ashley in the next season of the Bravo hit. How do you think the new dynamic will fly?”

Last year, Bravo started filming Southern Charm season 4 around Labor Day, so if Southern Charm season 5 is a go, then filming should start before the end of September if they want to stay on the same schedule. But it’s probable that there will be another cast shake-up on the alleged Southern Charm season 5. Cameran Eubanks is in her third trimester, Southern Charm creator Whitney Sudler-Smith is not interested in being on camera, and Landon Clements, who took a beating last season, is hardly a fan favorite and might be shown the door.

In fact, there are many Southern Charm fans on Twitter who don’t want to see Landon on Southern Charm season 5.

“Read the interview with Landon. She sounds like a 14-year-old when she talks, immature & uneducated.”

That was one of the nicer posts.


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But Southern Charm launched and is still launching new shows, including Southern Charm Savannah, Southern Charm New Orleans, and Shep Rose’s new show Relationshep, so it makes sense that Southern Charm season 5 would be a natural renewal regardless of the cast.

But considering that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have been the stars of the show, would Kathryn agree to be on with Thomas and Ashley playing house? And will Thomas sign on if he can’t promise his new girlfriend a role after she relocated to Charleston? Fans will just have to wait and see how a Southern Charm season 5 unfolds.

Do you think that Southern Charm season 5 will happen?

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