‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Will Ratings Suffer As Fans Get Really Upset With ‘BB19’ Cast Member Matt Clines?

Big Brother 19 spoilers about the behavior of Matt Clines in the game could have a big impact on show ratings. The BB19 house has been dealing with Matt breaking nearly every rule associated with being a Have Not for the week, but very few consequences have been given to him. Though it is possible that the production team could be waiting to make a big announcement about an expulsion, it is equally likely that they are going to gloss over what took place this week and simply let Matt head to the BB19 jury house.

It’s no secret that this season of the show has received a lot of negative publicity on social media and that only continued when Matt Clines learned that Jason Dent wasn’t going to use the Power of Veto to save him. Those particular Big Brother 19 spoilers were seen coming on the CBS live feeds, but Matt and Raven Walton were convinced that Kevin Schlehuber was the Week 9 target. Nope. Now Matt is doing everything possible to get himself evicted, including a push to receive penalty votes from production.

Regarding the Big Brother 19 ratings, despite controversy about bullying and some very rowdy cast members, the show continues to draw a steady and impressive summer audience. A recent report by TV By The Numbers actually showed an increase in viewers, with an estimated 6.35 million viewers tuning in for the August 27 episode. That included a 1.8 mark in the 18-49 demographic, beating out the NFL among the most coveted television viewers by advertisers.

Are the Big Brother 19 ratings bulletproof? Is there anything that a member of the BB19 cast could do to actually cause a dip in the television numbers? The big test could come during the August 30 episode, roughly 48 hours after Matt Clines started reacting negatively to the news he received at the Week 9 Veto Ceremony. Just to recap that moment, Matt and Raven entered it thinking that one of them was about to be saved and that Kevin would be the replacement nominee. Nothing went according to their plan.

Despite numerous warnings from the production team and the “harsh” penalty of receiving an extra vote against him at the Eviction Ceremony, Matt hasn’t started following the rules that everyone on the reality competition show agrees to each summer. Each BB19 cast member also gets a stipend, which only gets better once they make it to the jury house. Basically, they could be viewed as employees of the network at this point, and Matt is committing acts that many fans feel should get him “fired” by production.

Is this increase in drama going to cause a dip in the Big Brother 19 ratings for Week 9? Or is it possible that CBS is about to see another increase in viewership numbers as more fans tune in to see what has been taking place on the live feeds? If the recent BB19 ratings serve as a predictor for what might be coming up, it’s definitely possible that the August 30 episode could serve as a high water mark in viewers for the summer 2017 installment. Could the online Big Brother 19 spoilers and the Matt Clines drama be good for business?

[Featured Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]