Derek Hough Speaks Out On Whether He Will Ever Return To ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ His Love Life

Everyone noticed that Derek Hough isn’t on this season of Dancing With the Stars. He has been there a few times and then will take a season off and come back later. Us Magazine shared that Derek is speaking out about whether he will be back again or not. Derek talked to Us at the Choreography Nominee Reception in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 27.

Derek explained that he will “never say never.” It is obvious that dancing is something he loves to do. Derek explained that he is an entertainer. Last season he moved on so that he could be a judge on NBC’s World of Dance. Derek Hough did make it very clear that he plans to keep supporting the show. Everyone knows that his sister Julianne Hough is still a part of the show. You never know if Derek will show up and dance.

Hough went on to explain that he is grateful for the show. He has been on 400 episodes of DWTS. Derek was on there for 18 seasons. Derek Hough said that he has a new chapter in his life going right now. He is really excited about everything that is going on with his life. It looks like Derek has moved on from DWTS, but these big names skip seasons and then come back. Mark Ballas returned again this season which surprised a lot of the fans.

One thing about Derek Hough that some fans might not know is that he is dating Hayley Erbert of the Dancing With the Stars troupe and has been since July 2015. Derek shared that she is very “humble” and that he has to talk to her and tell her to be more competitive. It is always fun when couples are on the show together, but this season, Hayley will be there and Derek won’t. You can assume that he will show up from time to time. With his girlfriend and his sister both there, Derek has plenty of reasons to come watch.

Are you surprised to hear that Derek Hough isn’t on Dancing With the Stars this season? Do you feel like he will return in the future? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Dancing With the Stars when it returns to ABC in September.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Staff]