John Cena Taking Another Hiatus After ‘WWE No Mercy,’ How Will It Impact Cena/Reigns Feud?

At WWE No Mercy, John Cena will face Roman Reigns for the first time in a singles match. Their rivalry is the company’s present against its future, but WWE officials had much greater plans for Cena vs. Reigns to take place on a bigger stage than No Mercy. In fact, the intense promo between the two that happened on Raw this week was a last minute change. WWE officials had something much grander planned for the feud.

It’s being reported that Cena and Reigns were intended to face Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins together at WWE No Mercy. Until WWE officials changed their minds, Cena and Roman would have become the Raw Tag Team Champions. The duo would have likely dropped the titles back to Ambrose and Rollins at WWE TLC in October. At Survivor Series, the match between Cena and Reigns would have finally taken place.

However, John Cena’s upcoming Transformers spin-off movie, Bumblebee will be filming later on this year and he has informed WWE officials that he cannot make any appearances for the company during the last few months of 2017. Because Cena is taking another hiatus, it forced the powers that be to push his match with Roman Reigns to WWE No Mercy because they still want him to put over Reigns while he’s wrestling.

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Apparently, WWE officials pulled the trigger for Cena vs. Reigns to happen at No Mercy only a few hours before last night’s edition of Raw. Both men were handed a microphone and they sold the WWE Universe on their rivalry in one segment. Everyone involved still has three weeks to build to the match between the two top babyfaces in the company, but there is no reason to doubt their chemistry together after this week.

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It’s unclear when John Cena will be taking his hiatus from WWE, but it will happen before WWE Survivor Series in November. WWE officials could book a rematch between Cena and Reigns at WWE TLC, but their creative plans will depend on how much longer the former is staying on WWE television before he leaves to film another movie. As of this writing, it’s also unclear when Cena will make his return to WWE television.

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