Big Long Island Lawsuit Surrounding Bieber’s Testicles

There is a new wrongful termination lawsuit surrounding an incident involving Justin Bieber’s testicles. Yes, Bieber’s testicles. It seems that the singer had a soccer injury on the road, and he went to Northwell Health on Long Island for medical assistance while on tour. The problem came when an employee at the Long Island health center was accused of accessing Bieber’s medical file without permission and was fired because of the incident. Well, that employee is firing back.

Justin Bieber supposedly thought he had twisted his testicles or had a testicle torsion and headed into Northwell Health to have it handled. All turned out to be fine for Bieber, but the Bieber visit ended up with a hospital employee getting fired. A woman named Kelly Lombardo allegedly accessed Justin Bieber’s medical files for no legitimate purpose after hearing the rumor that Bieber was in the hospital for the treatment of an STD rather than a testicle injury. Lombardo was promptly terminated.

The issue at hand is that Lombardo says she did no such thing, and she hired a lawyer. Kelly Lombardo promptly filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit (the Justin Bieber testicle incident was in May) with the New York Division of Human Rights. Lombardo said that Northwell only assumed it was she who accessed the records because of her gender.

Kelly Lombardo’s attorney, David H. Rosenberg, released a statement today on her behalf.

“My client never accessed Mr. Bieber’s medical file. She was falsely accused of doing so on account of her gender.”

Rosenberg says they are at the beginning stages of the filing, but they intend to defend the filing vigorously.

Kelly Lombardo was fired for being an “immoral employee” and she has been accused of violating Justin Bieber’s privacy rights under HIPPA. TMZ reported that Bieber did not have an STD but panicked after an injury and started doing an internet search on what could happen.

“They say he had been playing soccer and suffered a painful injury. Justin “WebMD’d himself” into a tizzy and believed he had testicular torsion, a serious condition caused when a spermatic cord becomes twisted cutting off the flow of blood to the attached testicle. It almost always requires surgery.”


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Bieber was in the ER of the hospital for a short period of time, was told that he had a swollen testicle that would heal on its own, and was discharged. Kelly Lombardo is planning on seeing the matter through.

Do you think Kelly Lombardo was wrongfully terminated in the matter of Justin Bieber’s testicles and medical files?

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