‘YR’ Spoilers: Dina Sets A Trap — Will Billy Get Caught Committing Corporate Espionage?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and buzz tease that after Dina (Marla Adams) realizes that Billy (Jason Thompson) has taken advantage of her, she makes an unexpected move that could get Billy into serious trouble.

Jack (Peter Bergman) asked his mother to join the staff at Jabot after Ashley (Eileen Davidson) concluded that Dina’s recent behavioral issues could be due to depression after she sold her company, Mergeron Enterprises. Jack accepted Ashley’s advice that Dina could be helped to overcome her depression if she gets busy doing something. He offered Dina a job at Jabot.

However, viewers know that Dina was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and that her apparent depression could be part of the early symptoms of the condition. Although Billy is not aware of Dina’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, he identified her as the weak link in Jack’s Jabot defense and targeted her.

Billy targets Dina after declaring that he is tired of being Jack’s whipping boy and that he intends to fight back against Jack. Jack has been targeting Billy for revenge because he is angry that Billy stole his wife, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni).

While visiting Dina at her suite, Billy steals Dina’s Jabot password and hatches a plot to get hold of Phyllis’ laptop to access Jabot information. Billy eventually gets hold of Phyllis’ laptop through a shocking act of betrayal. He spends a private evening with Phyllis at her house, and when Phyllis goes to shower, he accesses the Jabot files on her laptop using Dina’s password.


Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and buzz tease that when Dina finally realizes that Billy has taken advantage of her, she dissimulates so as to catch him red-handed engaging in a criminal act of corporate espionage, according to CDL. Although Dina catches Billy pants down, it remains to be seen whether she will allow him to face the full legal consequences of his action.

There are obvious reasons why Jack won’t hesitate to hand Billy over to the law. He still feels insulted and humiliated by the fact that Billy stole his wife. Now that Billy is also plotting deviously to ruin his business, he will see the confrontation as a life-and-death struggle. Thus, he won’t want to spare his half-brother.

Billy also risks losing Phyllis’ support as a result of his treachery. Phyllis will certainly feel deeply hurt to learn that Billy also took advantage of her and stole information from Jabot using her laptop. She had assured Billy of her support when he told her that he plans to hit back against Jack.

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers, however, reveal that Billy and Phyllis will renew their relationship despite problems along the way. Recent comments by executive producer Mal Young in an interview with Soap Hub indicate that Billy and Phyllis will remain together.

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