‘Big Brother 19’ Cast Slammed For Bad Behavior: How Will America Pick A Favorite Player With This Crew?

Big Brother 19 is being called one of the show’s worst seasons ever, but it’s not because the rules of the game have changed. Big Brother fans are used to cutthroat competitions and backstabbing, but this season half of the cast isn’t playing the game and the other half is playing so dirty it’s being deemed “disgusting” by longtime viewers of the CBS summertime reality show.

CBS has already devoted some airtime to stories about this season’s unlikeable cast, devoting a full segment to Raven Walton and her alleged false statements to the other houseguests. Some of Raven’s medical claims have been called into question by Big Brother fans, and now it appears that the houseguests are picking up on the fact that the raven-haired beauty sometimes stretches the truth.

In addition, some of this season’s Big Brother houseguests seem to forget they are playing a game, which isn’t sitting well with Big Brother diehards. Serial cereal eater Matt Clines, who is nicknamed “Mattress” due to his lazy gameplay, blatantly broke the Have Not rule and ate cereal, guaranteeing himself a penalty vote. Matt was angry that the other houseguests didn’t throw last week’s Head of Household comp to his girlfriend Raven, and it segued into a showdown after the showmancers were put on the block—again.


According to Moviefone, Big Brother production had to shut down the live feeds after a screaming match headed by Raven and her Big Brother boyfriend had the house turned upside down. Big-mouthed pots and pans clanger Josh Martinez reportedly stooped so low as to bring dad of seven Kevin Schlehuber’s family into the mix and things got so heated—with reported threats of violence—that the feeds went down for an extended period of time.

Last week, Big Brother fans got to see a poignant moment when Jason Dent received news that his wife is expecting their second child, but the love for Jason has dimmed dramatically in the aftermath of some off-color comments he allegedly made about Kevin’s wife and daughters. The remarks were so bad that Jason’s family apologized for his behavior, taking to social media to write that “those remarks are not acceptable under any circumstance.” The tweets from Jason’s official Whistle-Nut Twitter account are now marked as “protected” due to the backlash against the once popular Big Brother player.


Big Brother fans are no longer feeling the love for Alex Ow, either, who is being dubbed a mean girl after several questionable incidents, not the least being that she threw out the slop supply so Kevin couldn’t eat.

Fans are also frustrated with Christmas Abbott, who can’t compete in most of the competitions due to her foot injury. The only person left is Big Brother veteran Paul Abrahamian, whose control of the game has been so blatant that many fans feel it has become boring to watch.

Now, with the America’s Favorite Player vote looming, Big Brother fans are scratching their heads as to who deserves the coveted title and the $25,000 prize. And some fans think no one on this cast deserves the Big Brother grand prize.

Read some of the comments about the Big Brother 19 cast below.

This is not the first time Big Brother casting has been called into question. The 15th season of the show was marred by several contestants who spewed racist and homophobic comments. The backlash was so bad that CBS put a disclaimer at the top of every episode and the contestants were later called out on air by host Julie Chen.

Take a look at the video below to see Kevin and Josh going out it in the Big Brother 19 house. (Warning: Strong language.)

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]