WWE Rumors: Huge ‘No Mercy’ Match Could Have Had The Shield Vs. Reigns And Cena For Tag Titles

John Cena is now on Monday Night Raw and has already jumped right into the main event scene with Roman Reigns and a few others, but bigger things are coming very soon. It has been rumored for the last week that Cena was going to end up feuding with Reigns and that is expected to happen, but it wasn’t the original plan. No, the newest rumors had the two superstars teaming together and going after the tag titles currently held by two former members of The Shield.

After returning to SmackDown Live as a free agent back in July, it seemed only a matter of time until Cena jumped to Raw. Now, he has done just that and is in prime position to jump into the title picture, but it wasn’t necessarily going to be the WWE Universal Champion that he is chasing.

Last week, Cena and Roman Reigns teamed together in the Raw main event to defeat the team of Samoa Joe and The Miz. During the match, Reigns accidentally punched his own partner and Forbes reported that was helping lead to a dream match between the two at No Mercy on Sept. 24.

According to Billi Bhatti of The Dirty Sheets, the pay-per-view was actually going to see Reigns and Cena team together to take on The Shield.

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For weeks leading up to SummerSlam, WWE kept teasing the reunion of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as a tag team. Finally, the former brothers of The Shield realized they could work together again and defeated Sheamus and Cesaro to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Bhatti reports that the tag team match win by Cena and Reigns on Raw leaves the door open for them to team together again. It seems as if there was also another segment cancelled which would have had Cena calling out a “certain Samoa” to get Reigns to come out, but instead, he would have been greeted by Samoa Joe.

That segment wasn’t cancelled entirely as Cena opened the show by returning to Raw and being met by Reigns right away. WWE isn’t holding off on the tension between these two and is putting a lot of groundwork in place for their upcoming feud in a hurry.

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The official website of WWE has now reported that the John Cena vs. Roman Reigns match for No Mercy is expected to be made official tonight on Monday Night Raw.

The small reunion of The Shield has had the fans extremely excited and WWE did a great job of building it up over the weeks leading into SummerSlam. While fans have been hoping for all three members to reunite, it seems as if Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will remain on their own and not teaming with or facing their former brother. Roman Reigns and John Cena are now set for No Mercy, and they may not even have the main event spot.

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